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Should higher education be free Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Should higher education be free - Research Paper Example It is not right from an ethical perspective to retrieve the money from the general taxpayers for the higher education of all students irrespective of their ability to afford. â€Å"In a period when the state cannot afford to keep police on the streets, the NHS functioning, and our armed forces properly equipped, it is right and proper that undergraduates should be asked to pay for some of the costs of their higher education to ensure that government money is spent fairly† (Holden). Considering the benefits students gain from the degree, it is ethically justified to make the students bear the cost of education. The extent to which students should be required to bear the cost of education is debatable, yet it is very dutiful of the students to give their input for something they would get output from in the future. There are numerous challenges that surface if the students are required to bear the cost of their higher education. There are a lot of students who are quite capable in the studies, but cannot afford any cost of education. For such students, the access to higher education should be based on the students’ tendency to achieve rather than their tendency to pay because â€Å"[i]t is the poor and middle class who are unable to afford the very thing that enables their children to seek a better life† (Peters). Government should provide the funds to the colleges but only for the education of the students who are capable but not in the position to afford the expenses. Supporters of the free higher education consider it the only fair means of advancing the academic career of the individuals since free education opens the gates to high education for all. However, if the higher education is made free for the capable yet poor students and not for the rest, the objective of making the higher education attainable for all is achieved. â€Å"From each according to his ability, to each

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Brendon Gallacher and Medusa Essay Example for Free

Brendon Gallacher and Medusa Essay Loss is a key, reoccurring theme in my two poems of choice; ‘Brendon Gallacher’ and ‘Medusa. ’ ‘Brendon Gallacher’ is an affectionate elegy for an imaginary, eponymous childhood friend, ‘Medusa’ is a poem divided into stanzas of mostly equal length. Both poets use varying language to help the reader visualise the characters’ feelings and persona. Emptiness and loss are presented in both poems through numerous techniques including alliteration, imagery and refrain. There is a childlike quality to Jackie Kay’s elegy for the death of an imaginary friend. The persona uses simple language and a range of techniques such as colloquialism. Contrastingly, in Medusa, Duffy uses a sombre tone thought the poem which helps the poem flow naturally and contributes to the developing sorrow. In ‘Brendon Gallacher’, Jackie Kay’s use of a repetitive refrain gives a song-like quality; this is further reinforced by the interjections that show grief in the last lines: ‘Oh Brendon, Oh my Brendon Gallacher’. The passing of Brendon leaves an empty void, filled by the repetition of ‘Brendon Gallacher’, which demonstrates fixation and inability to let ones feelings pass – an emotional attachment; ‘Brendon’ as opposed to the full name previously used. The repetition of the possessive pronoun emphasizes the idea that Brendan belongs to the narrator, and emphasizes the theme of loss and longing for something that is gone. Similarly, Duffy uses evocative language immediately by beginning on the theme of obsession/mistrust. Duffy emphasises this by the list of three, suspicion, doubt and fear which grew in her mind, allowing the flow of thoughts through enjambment. This doubt and fear shows that Medusa is somewhat compulsive and has lost any freedom or ability to control her thoughts. Moreover in Brendon Gallacher, they meet ‘in the open air’, as if Brendon represents autonomy and journeying; he talks of ‘Some place far’, which offers a purpose for the narrator to live on. This is all lost with the ‘death’ of Brendon. A physical loss rather than emotional loss is demonstrated through the words â€Å"we’d been friends for years† and â€Å"he would hold my hand† which suggests there is an emptiness of physical intimacy. Similarly, Medusa was once a beautiful woman who was transformed into a horrible monster by the Greek goddess, Athena. Jealousy and paranoia transform the hair upon Medusas head, in the poem, into filthy snakes. Already the reader is aware of the change ‘turned the hairs’, giving the impression that she was not always like this and did at one point have beautiful hair. Both poets have used descriptive techniques and imagery to show the physical changes and loss each character has undergone. â€Å"One day when it was pouring and I was indoors†, this paragraph in Brendon Gallacher uses pathetic fallacy to make the mood evoke a loss of innocence which is reflected by the rainy weather. Immature language and description is used to help the audience visualise the narrator’s childhood, â€Å"He had six brothers and I had one† can be conveyed as quite childish and this might have been used to emphasise that the narrator is talking about her past when she was younger, her childhood emptiness and loss. Also, in Medusa the rhetorical questions, â€Å"Wasn’t I beautiful? Wasn’t I fragrant and young? † show insecurity due to the repetition of questions but also shows a side of innocence as is normally related to young people. Both poems show a loss of innocence, albeit in different ways. â€Å"Look at me now. † The single line in Medusa emphasises the final request that appears as a paradox, a plea for sympathy but also a threat. Another, loss, this time more mentally affecting, Medusa has lost control over her decisions, this is further enforced by her turning of others into stone; â€Å"bullet tears in my eyes†, â€Å"you were stone†, Medusa has lost her ability to even look at others, and much like her tears, her fate is set in stone. This varied sentence length is indulging and engrossing as it really questions the empathy of the reader. All in all, both poems have certain similarities when trying to present loss. Both ‘Brendon Gallacher’ and ‘Medusa’ use language to bring alive the thoughts of the characters. Duffy focuses more on the imagery and tone of the poem whereas Kay brings to life the exact detail to provide the full picture.

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The Alfred Hitchcock Signature in his Films, Shadow of a Doubt and Vertigo :: Movie Film Essays

The Alfred Hitchcock Signature in his Films, Shadow of a Doubt and Vertigo All directors of major motion pictures have specific styles or signatures that they add in their work. Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest directors of all time, has a particularly unique style in the way he creates his films. Film analyzers classify his distinctive style as the â€Å"Alfred Hitchcock signature†. Hitchcock’s signatures vary from his cameo appearances to his portrayal of a specific character. Two perfect examples of how Hitchcock implements his infamous â€Å"signatures† are in the movies, A Shadow of a Doubt and Vertigo. In these movies, numerous examples show how Hitchcock exclusively develops his imagination in his films. One major attribute in Hitchcock films is how creatively Hitchcock tricks the audience about the fate of the characters and the sequence of events. Many people argue that it is a tactic by Hitchcock to surprise his audience in order to increase the suspense of the movie. For example, in Shadow of a Doubt, the audience assumes that young Charlie is an innocent young girl who loves her uncle dearly. However as the movie progresses, Young Charlie is not as innocent as the audience suspects. Young Charlie, once a guiltless child, ends up killing her evil uncle. In Vertigo, the same Hitchcock trickery takes place. In the beginning, the audience has the impression that the Blond women is possessed by another woman who is trying to kill her. The audience also has the notion that the detective is a happy man who will solve the murder case correctly. Just before the movie ends, the audience realizes that the detective was specifically hired by a man to kill his wife. The detective, in the end , seems to be the hopeless, sad victim. In these movies, there are also signatures of Hitchcock that show doubling.

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Rhetoric in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Essays -- Rhetoric, Ju

Cassius, Brutus, and Antony use rhetoric successfully in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, albeit each differently and for different causes. Each of these men uses his skills in rhetoric to convince each other and at some points the entire population of Rome to follow his beliefs. However, each of these men has different motivations to do so, as well as different characteristics and general worldviews. Cassius uses rhetoric successfully to persuade Brutus to come over to his cause—killing Julius Caesar. Cassius is a sharp minded politician whose motivations are personal and not always in the interest of the state of Rome. He uses rhetoric as his means of convincing others to help him reach his cause and goal. Cassius uses many tactics to convince Brutus, one of which is underscoring his connection and close friendship with Brutus and trying to make Brutus guilty by implying that he is not maintaining his end of the friendship well enough: â€Å"[Brutus, y]ou bear too stubborn and too strange a hand / Over your friend that loves you† (I.ii.39-40). Cassius then moves on to flattery in his persuasion: I have heard Where many of the best respect in Rome (Except immortal Caesar), speaking of Brutus†¦ Have wished that noble Brutus had his eyes. (I.ii.65-70) Moving on from flattery, Cassius attempts to make Brutus feel flawed and in need of help: â€Å"And since you cannot see yourself / So well as by reflection, I, your glass / will modestly discover to yourself / That of yourself which you yet know not of† (I.ii.75-78). Here, Cassius paints himself as able to help Brutus with these flaws. Finally, Cassius exploits Brutus’ one mention of fear so that Brutus will choose to act on this fear: â€Å"[Brutus:] I do fear, the people choose Cae... ...en, and lovers† (III.ii.13-14) and appearing superior to and more wise than the plebeians who are his fellow citizens rather than his friends, Antony instead makes it clear that these people are above all his friends through his actions, such as standing at their physical level, and his words, such as the opening line of his speech. All three of these men attempt to persuade people, but they each do this uniquely. Although each Cassius, Brutus, and Antony use rhetoric in different ways in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, each of these men, who hold different characters and worldviews, use their skills in rhetoric to convince others to support them and their ideas at some time in the play. This is a powerful example of the fact that in Julius Caesar the power of rhetoric is stronger than the will of humans. Works Cited Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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The term ‘Phlebotomy’ Essay

‘Phlebotomy’ comes from the Greek word phlebos, meaning veins, and tome, meaning incision. Bloodletting is one of the humanity’s oldest medical practices, dating back thousands of years and is linked to many ancient cultures, including the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and Mesopotamians. Evidence suggests bloodletting for therapeutic reasons may have begun in Egypt around 1400B.C. Tomb paintings from this time show the application of a leech to a patient. The purpose was to cure a person suffering from some kind of infirmity (leprosy, plague, pneumonia, stroke, and inflammation, pretty much anything). The patient was pierced or cut and then drained of several ounces of blood until they fainted. In ancient Greek culture, a physician named Galen of Pergamon took the practice in a more scientific direction when he discovered that arteries were filled with blood, not air. Galen’s approach to bloodletting was based on two key concepts. First, Galen believed that blood didn’t circulate, but stayed motionless in the body until it either went stagnant or was let out. Secondly, he thought the balance of the four humors (blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile) was the source of health or illness. Mapping out the blood vessels of the body, Galen would cut his patients in different areas, depending on what area he wanted to treat. For example, the right hand would be cut and drained in order to treat liver problems. He was also known to give his patients drugs in order to induce vomiting or urination. Bloodletting was also prominent in the early days of some of the world’s most practiced religions. The Talmud (a central text of Judaism) included rules for days where bloodletting could be practiced. Early Christian writings outlined which saint’s days were the best for the ritual. Bloodletting is also referenced as a treatment for fevers in some early Islamic texts. Continuing into the middle ages both surgeons and barbers were specializing in this bloody practice. Barber poles which still decorate the outsides of barber shops are a leftover tradition dating back to the days of barber bloodletting. The swirling red line on the pole represents the blood itself, the white represents the tourniquet, and the pole itself represents the stick the patient would squeeze in his/her hand in order to dilate the veins. Bloodletting as a medical procedure migrated to the Americas along with the European colonists, stretching in time from the residents of Plymouth to the Founding Fathers. Physician Benjamin Rush  (one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence) recommended bloodletting to his patients on a consistent basis. As a matter of fact, George Washington, the first U.S. president, died in 1799 from a throat infection after having 3.75 liters (9 pints) of blood removed from his body within a 10 hour period as treatment for a throat infection. The draining of 16-30 ounces (1-4 pints) of blood was typical. Blood was often caught in a shallow bowl. When the patient became faint, the â€Å"treatment† was stopped. Bleeding was often encouraged over large areas of the body by multiple incisions. By the end of the 19th century (1875-1900), Phlebotomy was declared quackery. The main process of bloodletting in 19th century medicine included the use of leeches to drain blood from a patient. During the 1830s, France imported approximately 40 million leeches for the purpose of bloodletting. Francois-Joseph-Victor Broussais, a French physician, would reportedly recommend his patients be treated with as many as 50 leeches at a time. Bloodletting, also known as venesection, managed to survive into the first part of the 20th century; it was even recommended in a 1923 edition of a textbook called The Principles and Practice of Medicine. During those days, there were four main bloodletting methods practiced by physicians. The first was the continued use of leeches as a bloodletting source. The second was called arteriotomy, a process in which the arteries in the temples would be punctured and bled. The third was phlebotomy (also known as â€Å"breathing a vein†) where a large external vein would be cut in order to draw blood. The last was scarification – a particularly stomach-turning method which involved one of a varied set of tools made for the purpose of attacking â€Å"superficial† blood vessels. Such devices included spring-loaded lancets and a circular, mutli-bladed, device known as a scarificator. The scarificator had a series of twelve blades. The device was cocked and the trigger released spring-driven rotary blades that caused many shallow cuts. The scarificator seemed more merciful than other bloodletting instruments. The reason bloodletting died comes as no surprise to modern readers that bloodletting killed far more people than it cured. Still, it wasn’t until the 19th century that members of the medical community seriously questioned  the merits of this practice. In the 1830s, Pierre Charles Alexandre Louis convincingly argued against the perceived effectiveness of phlebotomy for the treatment of pneumonia and fever. Ironically, with the gradual decline of bloodletting there was an increase of other dangerous and ineffective treatments, such as the use of electricity, elixirs and potions. These medications gained popularity for the same reason that bloodletting had in earlier times: it sometimes worked as a placebo. Because the patients believed that receiving electric shock therapy would heal their illness, the psychological factor may have been enough to actually make them feel better. As the 20th century brought a myriad of new medical knowledge, technology and medicine, however, these archaic practices (including bloodletting) died out almost entirely within a few decades. With the advent of modern medicine, bloodletting was remembered as a historical fad, similar to the guillotine as a form of death penalty. After nearly a century of new medical knowledge and leaps of progress that include the development of electron microscopes, mapping the human genome and cloning living tissue, how is it possible that the medical field is reconsidering the use of this ancient practice? The answer is fairly straightforward: Where ancient bloodletting was used to treat and prevent almost every infirmity imaginable, modern bloodletting (or phlebotomy) is used only to treat specific medical conditions of which medical research has proven the benefits. Research has shown that bloodletting could improve cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels for people suffering from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a term used to describe the list of medical problems facing people who are obese, such as hypertension, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. People with this condition are at risk for clots and strokes. Bloodletting thins down the patient’s blood, helping to prevent these problems. Perhaps the most common use for modern bloodletting is a hereditary iron-overload condition known as hemochromatosis. As iron builds in the patient’s blood, it can have a negative impact on various areas of the body, including the heart and the joints. This can eventually lead to disease and organ failure. Bloodletting, now commonly referred to as a â€Å"blood donation†, is applied as the main treatment for hemochromatosis, with patients having their blood taken on at  least an annual basis for life. There is another modern form of bloodletting worth noting, if nothing else, because it never actually went away in the first place. Leeches have continued to be used for certain medical treatments throughout the 20th century right up to the present day. Whereas leeches were formerly used to treat all sorts of injuries and sicknesses, today they are mostly used by doctors in the reattaching of severed body parts such as fingers and toes. Attaching leeches is effective because they can help to get rid of any extra blood that might start problematically flooding in the tissue. Phlebotomy plays a major role in preventive healthcare, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Although the instruments and methods used for obtaining blood in the beginning may appear crude in comparison to the instruments and methods we use today, the concept remains the same. The exception being, instead of using bloodletting as a â€Å"cure† to remove the illness we use it as a way to analyze, diagnose and treat the illness. Without phlebotomy the process of accurately diagnosing diseases and infections would be impossible.

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Free Essays on Poverty

The existence of poverty ensures that society’s â€Å"dirty work† will be done. Every society has such work: physically dirty or dangerous, temporary, dead-end and underpaid, undignified, and menial jobs. Society can fill these jobs by paying higher wages than for â€Å"clean† work, or it can force people who have no other choice to do the dirty work and at blow wages. In America, poverty functions to provide a low-wage labor pool that is willing or, rather, unable to be unwilling to perform dirty work at low cost. Indeed, this function of the poor is so important that in some Southern states, welfare payments have been cut off during the summer months when the poor are needed to work in the field. Moreover, much of the debate about the Negative Income Tax and family Assistance Plan has concerned their impact on the work incentive, by which is actually meant the incentive of the poor to do the needed dirty work if the wages there from are no larger than the income grant. Many economic activities that involve dirty work depend on the poor for their existence: restaurants, hospitals, parts of the garment industry, and â€Å"truck farming† among others, could not persist in their present form without the poor. In history during the great depression one key reason for the great crash of 1929 was that, the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover administrations followed laissez faire policies. They refused to â€Å"tamper† with income taxes, interest rates, or use economic regulation powers. This example supports the first functions of poverty. Because the poor are required to work at low wages, they subsidize a variety of economic activities that benefit the affluent. For example, domestics subsidize the upper-middle and upper classes, making life easier for their employers and freeing affluent women for a variety of professional, cultural, civic, and partying activities. Similarly, because the poor pay a higher proportion of their income in property and... Free Essays on Poverty Free Essays on Poverty â€Å"The war on poverty is not a struggle simply to support people, to make them dependent on the generosity of others,† was said in President Johnson’s State of the Union address on Jan. 8, 1964 (Johnson). Lyndon B. Johnson wanted to continue the unfinished work of President John F. Kennedy’s proposals on civil rights and taxes before his assassination on November 22, 1963 (Rulon). The War on Poverty was to break the cycle of poverty that affected nearly 35 million Americans (Greenbaum). After the Vietnam War, the government had over spent for the war and was unable to compensate the soldiers. There were many programs developed to help the Americans who suffered from this war on poverty and to bring the employment rate back up. Welfare was a program developed in Chicago to help support the poor families, and funds were given to help improve Chicago schools. War on Poverty was a success on some counts; a lot had changed from the beginning. From the recent increases of America economy and social lives, one can tell that America had changed since the Vietnam War, riots, and racial issues. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty influenced many American lives. America had turned over since the Vietnam War, riots, and racial issues. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty influenced many American lives. What was the War on Poverty? A cycle of poverty that affected nearly 35 million Americans after the Vietnam War (Greenbaum). A name given by President Johnson which meant America had to strive for a rebuilding in the economy and social lives after the war. Johnson was next in line for presidency after John F. Kennedy was fatally shot. He pushed through Congress many laws designed to help the poor and to add to the economic security of other Americans. Many social programs was established from this depression stage. Programs included the Job Crops, furnished job training fo... Free Essays on Poverty The existence of poverty ensures that society’s â€Å"dirty work† will be done. Every society has such work: physically dirty or dangerous, temporary, dead-end and underpaid, undignified, and menial jobs. Society can fill these jobs by paying higher wages than for â€Å"clean† work, or it can force people who have no other choice to do the dirty work and at blow wages. In America, poverty functions to provide a low-wage labor pool that is willing or, rather, unable to be unwilling to perform dirty work at low cost. Indeed, this function of the poor is so important that in some Southern states, welfare payments have been cut off during the summer months when the poor are needed to work in the field. Moreover, much of the debate about the Negative Income Tax and family Assistance Plan has concerned their impact on the work incentive, by which is actually meant the incentive of the poor to do the needed dirty work if the wages there from are no larger than the income grant. Many economic activities that involve dirty work depend on the poor for their existence: restaurants, hospitals, parts of the garment industry, and â€Å"truck farming† among others, could not persist in their present form without the poor. In history during the great depression one key reason for the great crash of 1929 was that, the Harding-Coolidge-Hoover administrations followed laissez faire policies. They refused to â€Å"tamper† with income taxes, interest rates, or use economic regulation powers. This example supports the first functions of poverty. Because the poor are required to work at low wages, they subsidize a variety of economic activities that benefit the affluent. For example, domestics subsidize the upper-middle and upper classes, making life easier for their employers and freeing affluent women for a variety of professional, cultural, civic, and partying activities. Similarly, because the poor pay a higher proportion of their income in property and...

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At the Height of His Career Why essays

At the Height of His Career Why essays Kurt Cobain was citied in the Seattle area with a shotgun. Days later on the fifth of April, Kurt Cobain went into the small room above his garage in his Seattle home and ended it all. Fans across the world were stunned by the news of Kurt Cobains sudden and shocking suicide. Kurt was the leader of the multiplatinum grunge band Nirvana, and was widely hailed as the John Lennon of his generation. He was a gifted song writer and erratic performer. However, Cobain's name was presented at times with disillusionment and unhappiness. Kurt had spoken, written lyrics, and even sung in his songs about suicide. Yet, one question could almost be echoed around the world Why? Cobain' s fans struggled with the huge loss of their poet of pain. It was as though they had lost a close friend. They felt that Kurt was an artist who could read their minds, knew their problems, and spoke their language. No one seemed to understand why at the height of his popularity a twenty-seven year old rock sat would put a twenty-two gauge shotgun in his mouth and pull the trigger. The media attacked the incident. Every type of media from MTV to the entire local Newspapers spoke something of Kurt Cobains suicide. Some blamed the suicide on his unhappy childhood and how he was a Ritalin child. While others blamed it on his drug addiction that he had spent all of his young life trying to relieve himself from. But why the reasoning for the unpredictable suicide, Cobain left behind millions of fans asking Why? Most people who commit suicide do so for personal reasons, such as despair, fears of the future, fears of failure or of not being loved. Society plays a huge part in a lot of suicides. As society becomes more complex a persons stress level rises ...

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Triboluminescence of Wintergreen Lifesaver Candies

Triboluminescence of Wintergreen Lifesaver Candies For several decades people have been playing in the dark with triboluminescence using wintergreen-flavored Lifesavers candy. The idea is to break the hard, donut-shaped candy in the dark. Usually, a person looks in a mirror or peers into a partners mouth while crunching the candy to see the resulting blue sparks. How to Make Candy Spark in the Dark wintergreen hard candies (e.g., Wint-o-Green Lifesaversteeth, hammer, or pliers You can use any of a number of hard candies to see triboluminescence, but the effect works best with wintergreen-flavored candy because wintergreen oil fluorescence enhances the light. Select a hard, white candy, as most clear hard candies do not work well.   To see the effect: Dry your mouth with a paper towel and crunch the candy with your teeth. Use a mirror to see light from your own mouth or else watch someone else chew candy in the dark.Place the candy on a hard surface and smash it with a hammer. You can also crush it beneath a clear plate of plastic.Crush the candy in the jaws of a pair of pliers You can capture the light using a cell phone that works well in low light or a camera on a tripod using a high ISO number. The video is probably easier than capturing a still shot. How Triboluminescence Works Triboluminescence is light produced while striking or rubbing two pieces of a special material together. It is basically light from friction, as the term comes from the Greek tribein, meaning to rub, and the Latin prefix lumin, meaning light. In general, luminescence occurs when energy is input into atoms from heat, friction, electricity, or other sources. The electrons in the atom absorb this energy. When the electrons return to their usual state, the energy is released in the form of light. The spectrum of the light produced from the triboluminescence of sugar (sucrose) is the same as the spectrum of lightning. Lightning originates from a flow of electrons passing through the air, exciting the electrons of nitrogen molecules (the primary component of air), which emit blue light as they release their energy. Triboluminescence of sugar can be thought of as lightning on a very small scale. When a sugar crystal is stressed, the positive and negative charges in the crystal are separated, generating an electric potential. When enough charge has accumulated, the electrons jump across a fracture in the crystal, colliding with ​exciting electrons in the nitrogen molecules. Most of the light emitted by the nitrogen in the air is ultraviolet, but a small fraction is in the visible region. To most people, the emission appears bluish-white, although some people discern a blue-green color (human color vision in the dark is not very good). The emission from wintergreen candy is much brighter than that of sucrose alone because wintergreen flavor (methyl salicylate) is fluorescent. Methyl salicylate absorbs ultraviolet light in the same spectral region as the lightning emissions generated by the sugar. The methyl salicylate electrons become excited and emit blue light. Much more of the wintergreen emission than the original sugar emission is in the visible region of the spectrum, so wintergreen light seems brighter than sucrose light. Triboluminescence is related to piezoelectricity. Piezoelectric materials generate an electrical voltage from the separation of positive and negative charges when they are squeezed or stretched. Piezoelectric materials generally have an asymmetric (irregular) shape. Sucrose molecules and crystals are asymmetric. An asymmetric molecule changes its ability to hold electrons when squeezed or stretched, thus altering its electric charge distribution. Asymmetric, piezoelectric materials are more likely to be triboluminescent than symmetric substances. However, about a third of known triboluminescent materials are not piezoelectric and some piezoelectric materials are not triboluminescent. Therefore, an additional characteristic must determine triboluminescence. Impurities, disorder, and defects are also common in triboluminescent materials. These irregularities, or localized asymmetries, also allow for an electrical charge to collect. The exact reasons why particular materials show tribol uminescence can be different for different materials, but it is probable that crystal structure and impurities are primary determinants of whether or not a material is triboluminescent. Wint-O-Green Lifesavers arent the only candies that exhibit triboluminescence. Regular sugar cubes will work, as will just about any opaque candy made with sugar (sucrose). Transparent candy or candy made using  artificial sweeteners  will not work. Most adhesive tapes also emit light when they have ripped away. Amblygonite, calcite, feldspar, fluorite, lepidolite, mica, pectolite, quartz, and sphalerite are all minerals known to exhibit triboluminescence when struck, rubbed, or scratched. Triboluminescence varies widely from one mineral sample to another, such that it might be unobservable. Sphalerite and quartz specimens that are translucent rather than transparent, with small fractures throughout the rock, are the most reliable. Ways to See Triboluminescence There are several ways to observe triboluminescence at home. As I have mentioned, if you have wintergreen-flavored Lifesavers handy, get in a very dark room and crush the candy with pliers or a mortar and pestle. Chewing the candy while watching yourself in a mirror will work, but the moisture from saliva will lessen or eliminate the effect. Rubbing two sugar cubes or pieces of quartz or rose quartz in the dark will also work. Scratching quartz with a steel pin may also demonstrate the effect. Also, sticking/unsticking most adhesive tapes will display triboluminescence. Uses of Triboluminescence For the most part, triboluminescence is an interesting effect with few practical applications. However, understanding its mechanisms may help explain other types of luminescence,  including bioluminescence  in bacteria and earthquake lights. Triboluminescent coatings could be used in remote sensing applications to signal mechanical failure. One reference states that research is underway to apply  triboluminescent flashes  to sense automobile crashes and inflate airbags.

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Applying theoretical ethics to applied ethics Essay

Applying theoretical ethics to applied ethics - Essay Example Passive euthanasia is assisting the patient to die with non provision of treatment or life sustaining procedures to save the patient’s life. The permissibility of each however is bombarded with many controversies making proponents of each view provide intelligent arguments and examples to indicate their point. Generally, the argument lies on the morality of active and passive euthanasia. Rachel claims that active and passive euthanasia has no moral difference and that both should be accepted with equal treatment. A different view holds that the morality of euthanasia depends on what the person cares about. This paper is going to argue that the stand of Rachel on active and passive euthanasia uses only hypothetical imperatives. Hypothetical is defined by Foot as â€Å"acts which are good only as a means to something else†. The paper has the following structures. Part 1 is going to explicate Rachel’s argument on active and passive euthanasia. Part 2 will present my arguments using the idea of Foot that the morality of active killing and passive omission is situated on what a person cares about. Part 1 Rachel claim there is no moral difference between active and passive euthanasia. The morality depends on how people view active killing and passive omission of duty. ... Most people look at active killing as more evil owing to the reason that the cause of death would be the action of the physician. On the contrary, if the medical team refrains from resuscitating a terminally ill patient in a situation where she/he is in cardiac arrest, it is acceptable because it is inculcated in the mind of many that it is the right thing to do. Passive method is not considered evil since the cause of death would be the illness itself although there is a deliberate withholding of foods and treatments. The ultimate result of withholding treatment is not directly seen and connected with death making passive euthanasia acceptable to most people. Another factor influencing the view of people on active killing and passive omission is how death is conceptualized by many. In most part of the globe, death is considered bad or evil since a love one is expected to die. The painful separation from that person and the unacceptable truth that death is inevitable makes death evil and people who cause it goes with that concept. If the doctors caused the death through injection, he is considered evil. Letting die on the other hand is viewed as natural death regardless of the intentional omission of a duty to care, feed, comfort, and most especially to treat the sick. Rachel is clear in maintaining his point that there is no difference in the morality between active and passive methods even in situations where the physician simply does not act. It was pointed out that omission of duty does not mean lesser evil more so that it does not justify the end. Omission of the act has the same ultimate goal with that of active killing. The difference is situated in how the act is done. For instance,

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Overview of the conflicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Overview of the conflicts - Essay Example s necessary to have a clear understanding of both of their arguments and the possible solutions they put forward, to recognize the actual reason of the conflict. Chua begins her essay by explaining how Aunt Leona, her father’s twin sister who was murdered by her driver in Philippines and how no action was taken by the Philippines police because her aunt was Chinese. This was nothing shocking for the people as hundreds of Chinese in Philippines were kidnapped every year and brutally murdered by the Ethnic Filipinos. . The minority Chinese dominated the whole of industry and commerce in the country whereas all menial jobs were done by the Filipinos. Chua cites this example to show how the market-dominated minority of Chinese are despised and taken revenge by the majority of Filipinos and how the government supports it. For Chua, the conflict lies in the relationship among three factors- markets, democracy and ethnic hatred. She believes that Americans today are perceived as the world’s market- dominant minority and this has obviously resulted in the September 11 World Trade Center episode. According to her, the global spread of m arkets and democracy is the major reason for group hatred and ethnic violence throughout the Non- Western world. This results in three kinds of violence: a) violence against markets that target the market dominant minorities’ wealth, b) attack against democracy by forces favorable to the market dominant minority, and c) violence directed against the market dominant minority itself .Thus she considers the working of market dominant minority against the wishes of the impoverished majority as the major factor behind the conflict and possible changes in the prevalent system can bring about a difference. Huntington, on the other hand, believes that the fundamental source of conflict is not primarily ideological or economic but cultural. Clashes occur when people divide themselves based on their common cultural identity such as language,

Characteristics of Juvenile offenders Research Paper

Characteristics of Juvenile offenders - Research Paper Example This age is subject to state laws whereby different countries or states have this age set between 17 to 18 years on general terms. However, in cases of serious crime e.g. murder or cases of sexual assault, the age bracket may assume a lower age limiting bar. The main aim of taking a juvenile in court is not to instill punishment on the offender but rather to establish measures that aim at rehabilitating them for them to go back to the society and be productive. The act offense in question is usually termed as delinquent rather than criminal (Aaron, 2000). In extreme cases some states have been forced to establish juvenile prison facilities due to the nature of the offense committed irrespective of the offender’s age. These young people can be identified by their various characteristics some of which are obvious while others are not. The major causes of the ever rising cases of juvenile offenders are their ever increasing habits of being rebellious, mass media and the high rate s of divorce. Juvenile offenders tend to exhibit antisocial behavior which is coupled with alienation. This is where the juvenile engages in behaviors that are not in line with social morals as well as standards. Most of these behaviors lead to bleach of peace in the family of the offenders as well as the community in which they live. Delinquents usually find themselves involved in drugs which increase their chances of committing offences to others in the society. Gun possession is another common indulgence they find themselves in. Many of these young people dwell in neighborhoods that are secluded and least patrolled by law enforcement authorities and for this reason they may at any time have an illegal fire arm. This consequently increases the level of insecurity in these areas (Balnave, et al. 2003). Such communities experience high murder and crime rates due to having

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Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance Research Proposal

Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance - Research Proposal Example It can also be defined as a business that is being carried out by bankers. Banking industry is going through drastic changes nowadays and the major causes of these changes are; increased competition, better products, increased restrictions etcetera. Information technology is the major issue that the executives keep in their mind while designing the strategies for global banking. Information technology can be defined as a productive combination of human resources, hardware, software and ways of communication that collect data and transform it in to meaningful information in an organized manner. In today’s competitive world only the banks that use their information technology efficiently and strategically can handle the changing market conditions effectively. (Anyasi and Otubu 2009, p.1). 2.1 IT can be used in the many forms or manner in global banking industry including Internet Network, SMS Alerts, E-mails, ATMs and Electronic Fund Transfers etc. The other services provided by banks are authentication, internet access, security systems etcetera. (Alawode, John & Kaka 2008, p. 675 – 676) 2.2 Use of technology has reduced the probability of human errors and has been effective in reducing the overall costs. It also helps in providing valuable information to consumers easily and on lower costs, it also facilitates the performance of tasks and makes them less time consuming. Examples of improvised banking services because of involvement of IT are Telephone and Internet banking. (Ombati, Magutu & Nyamwange 2010, p. 155 – 156). 2.3 Though technology has benefited the global banking industry to a great extent but there are certain limitations to it which include; the first major limitation is security as the consumers do not consider e-banking a secure process to solve this problem banks are providing consumers with authentication, another limitation is lack of training if the work force is not properly trained then it can affect the benefits that

Psychological effects of bullying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Psychological effects of bullying - Essay Example Dombeck, in his article, talks about long term effects of bullying. First, he has defined the concept of bullying and has focused mainly on children. After that, he has thrown light upon the fact that bullying disturbs the emotional health of children. The person loses self-confidence and self-respect and stops believing in his abilities which hinders with his performance when he confronts challenging situations. Dombeck has also given short lists regarding both short-term and long-term effects of bullying, and has given some solutions as to how to combat bullying. Lopez-Duran has mentioned some studies that he read. He has elaborated on one study and has mentioned its participants, methodology and results. He states that the results showed that females were more prone to getting psychologically disturbed than males. Females more often develop psychological disorders and social isolation when they grow up. Among boys, it is not the bullying that results into psychotic disorders, but the reasons why they fall prey to bullying are what develop emotional disturbances in them. Bennett, Elizabeth. â€Å"Psychological Effects of Bullying Last a Lifetime.† K12 Academics., 2009. Web. 28 June 2011. . Dombeck, Mark. The Long Term Effects of Bullying. Depression: Major Depression and Unipolar Varieties. CenterSite, LLC., 2007. Web. 28 June 2011. . Lopez-Duran, Nestor. â€Å"Bullies and Victims: Boys will be Boys or a Symptom of Distress?† Child Psych. N.p., 2009. Web. 28 June 2011.

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Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance Research Proposal

Information Technology in Global Banking and Finance - Research Proposal Example It can also be defined as a business that is being carried out by bankers. Banking industry is going through drastic changes nowadays and the major causes of these changes are; increased competition, better products, increased restrictions etcetera. Information technology is the major issue that the executives keep in their mind while designing the strategies for global banking. Information technology can be defined as a productive combination of human resources, hardware, software and ways of communication that collect data and transform it in to meaningful information in an organized manner. In today’s competitive world only the banks that use their information technology efficiently and strategically can handle the changing market conditions effectively. (Anyasi and Otubu 2009, p.1). 2.1 IT can be used in the many forms or manner in global banking industry including Internet Network, SMS Alerts, E-mails, ATMs and Electronic Fund Transfers etc. The other services provided by banks are authentication, internet access, security systems etcetera. (Alawode, John & Kaka 2008, p. 675 – 676) 2.2 Use of technology has reduced the probability of human errors and has been effective in reducing the overall costs. It also helps in providing valuable information to consumers easily and on lower costs, it also facilitates the performance of tasks and makes them less time consuming. Examples of improvised banking services because of involvement of IT are Telephone and Internet banking. (Ombati, Magutu & Nyamwange 2010, p. 155 – 156). 2.3 Though technology has benefited the global banking industry to a great extent but there are certain limitations to it which include; the first major limitation is security as the consumers do not consider e-banking a secure process to solve this problem banks are providing consumers with authentication, another limitation is lack of training if the work force is not properly trained then it can affect the benefits that

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History of west coast swing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History of west coast swing - Essay Example Various authors trace the origin of the West Coast Swing from various places. Nonetheless, P. Wright and J. Wright identify the original roots of this dance from the Jazz era of the 1920s with the style first known as the jitterburg, which was inspired by the boogie-woogie (109). At the same time, a Latin American dance style, called the lindy, evolved with the dancing style interchanging  into patterns that were similar to various steps of the jitterburg to involve â€Å"a single step, a delayed step, or a step taken on each slow count† typical of a swing although called the lindy (P. Wright and J. Wright 109). Following this development, bands that were performing the lindy became famous in the 1930s and 1940s, which consequently contributed to the renaming of the dance style as the swing dance. Importantly, the dance survived the rock ‘n’ roll era of the 1950s and 1960s (P. Wright and J. Wright 109). From this singular form of the swing dance, two forms of swing emerged. The East Coast swing and the West Coast swing were the  new  dance styles with the West Coast swing being the most popular dance style then and in the contemporary society. The West Coast swing is characterized by slot dancing, which â€Å"uses both six- and eight-count patterns done to either medium or slow tempos† (P. Wright and J. Wright 109). Overtime, the West Coast swing  dancing style  has evolved to various forms. In its previous form, the dance was primarily a man’s dance with the follower following the steps in the presentation. Currently, both dancers have a responsibility over the movements involved in the presentation (Blair). On the other hand, the classic form of West Coast swing has evolved into a dance that is characterized by elongated slot, timed pulsing that is chilling, controlled timing of steps, and critical movements that result to a more

A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay Example for Free

A Midsummer Nights Dream Essay William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the worlds preeminent dramatist. His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several shorter poems. His plays have been translated into every major living language and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. William Shakespeares influence extends from theatre and literature to present-day movies and the English language itself. Shakespeare transformed European theatre by expanding expectations about what could be accomplished  through characterization, plot, language and genre. Shakespeares writings have also impacted a large number of notable novelists and poets over the years, including Herman Melville and Charles Dickens, and continue to influence new authors even today. Shakespeare is the most quoted writer in the history of the English-speaking world after the various writers of the Bible, and many of his quotations and neologisms have passed into everyday usage in English and other languages. Shakespeare made many contributions to English Literature and one of the ones that affect us every day is his contribution to the English language. Shakespeare is called the greatest author in the English language not only because his works are in English, but also for his profound and lasting impact on the language itself. Of the 25,000 words in the canon, roughly 3,000 were coined by Shakespeare himself. The article Words Shakespeare Invented by Amanda Mabillard contains a list of a few words Shakespeare coined. 2 Shakespeares writings greatly influenced the entire English language. Prior to and during Shakespeares time, the grammar and rules of English were not standardized. But once Shakespeares plays became popular in the late seventeenth  and eighteenth century, they helped contribute to the standardization of the English language, with many Shakespearean words and phrases becoming embedded in the English language. Among Shakespeares greatest contributions to the English language must be the introduction of new vocabulary and phrases which have enriched the language making it more colourful and expressive. Some estimates at the number of words coined by Shakespeare number in the several thousands. One word Shakespeare is known to have coined is the word â€Å"accused†. He took the Greek prefix acou-, acous-, acouso-, or acoust-, meaning denotes hearing,  which was already being used in Late Middle English, and combined it with the past tense ending -ed to refer to those who are on trial are those who need a hearing to determine their guilt or innocence. Shakespeare first coined the word accused in the play Richard II, Act I, Scene I, when, speaking of those who are being formally charged of treason, King Richard II says: Then call them to our presence; face to face, And frowning brow to brow, ourselves will hear The accuser and the accused freely speak. (I. i. 16-18) The word unreal was also coined by Shakespeare. He took the Latin  prefix un-meaning not or deprived of and combined it with the Latin 3 word realis being used in Late Middle English as a word in legal terminology meaning relating to things, especially real property. The word unreal first appears in Macbeth in Act III, Scene IV when Macbeth exclaims of the ghost of Banquo, Hence, horrible shadow! Unreal mockery, hence! 1. 1. Influen on Theatre Shakespeares works have been a major influence on subsequent theatre. Not only did Shakespeare create some of the most admired plays in Western literature. For example Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear had being ranked among the  worlds greatest plays. He also transformed English theatre by expanding expectations about what could be accomplished through plot and language. Specifically, in plays like Hamlet, Shakespeare integrated characterization with plot, such that if the main character was different in any way, the plot would be totally changed. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare mixed tragedy and comedy together to create a new romantic tragedy genre. Through his soliloquies, Shakespeare showed how plays could explore a characters inner motivations and conflict. 1. 2. Influence on Europe and America Literature  Shakespeare is cited as an influence on a large number of writers in the following centuries, including major novelists such as Herman Melville, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and William Faulkner. Examples of this influence include the large number of Shakespearean quotations throughout Dickens writings and the fact that at least 25 of Dickens titles are drawn from Shakespeare, while Melville frequently used Shakespearean devices, including formal stage directions and extended soliloquies, in Moby-Dick. In fact, Shakespeare so influenced Melville that 4 the novels main antagonist, Captain Ahab, is a classic Shakespearean tragic figure,  a great man brought down by his faults. Shakespeare has also influenced a number of English poets, especially Romantic poets such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge who were obsessed with self-consciousness, a modern theme Shakespeare anticipated in plays such as Hamlet. Shakespeares writings were so influential to English poetry of the 1800s that critic George Steiner has called all English poetic dramas from Coleridge to Tennyson feeble variations on Shakespearean themes. 1. 3. Influence on the English Language Shakespeares writings greatly influenced the entire English language. Prior to  and during Shakespeares time, the grammar and rules of English were not standardized. But once Shakespeares plays became popular in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century, they helped contribute to the standardization of the English language, with many Shakespearean words and phrases becoming embedded in the English language, particularly through projects such as Samuel Johnsons A Dictionary of the English Language which quoted Shakespeare more than any other writer. He expanded the scope of English literature by introducing new words and phrases experimenting with blank verse, and also introducing new poetic and  grammatical structures. 5 2. Categories of William Shakespeare’s Plays Shakespearean’s plays can be divided into three categories. The three categories are comedy, tragedy and historical plays. 2. 1. Characteristics of William Shakespeare’s Comedy and Tragedy When studying Shakespearean comedy, there are several traits that are common to all of The Bards comedic works. It is important to note that the term comedy didnt quite have the same meaning to Elizabethan audiences as it does today. While there is certainly quite a bit of humour to be found in Shakespeares  comedies, comedy generally referred to a light-hearted play with a happy ending, as opposed to his more dramatic tragedies and history plays. 2. 2. Shakespeares Comedies The comedies of William Shakespeare are Alls Well That Ends Well, As You Like It, The Comedy of Errors, Cymbeline, Loves Labour Lost, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Merchant of Venice, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Pericles Prince of Tyre, Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, Troilus and Cressida, Twelfth Night, Two Gentlemen of Verona, A Winters Tale and Measure for Measure. Some of these works are truly funny from beginning to end, while others,  like The Merchant of Venice, have a very serious tone or strong dramatic moments. In all of these works, there are few common elements can be found in Shakespearean’s Comedy. 2. 2. 1. Young lovers struggling to overcome obstacles 6 There will be a struggle for young lovers to overcome difficulty in William Shakespeare’s Comedy. These obstacles are typically brought out by the elders in the play, often parents or guardians of the lovers. Various circumstances cause the lovers to be kept apart, either literally or figuratively, and thus they must find their way back together in the end.  For example in the Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hermia and Lysander must also overcome a major obstacle if they want to be together because Hermias dad wants her to marry someone else. 2. 2. 2. A Greater Emphasis on Situations than Characters William Shakespeare gave greater emphasis to a situation than a character. This numbs the audiences connection to the characters, so that when characters experience misfortune, the audience still finds it laughable. For example in the play of Midsummer Night’s Dream, both Demetrius and Lysander suddenly leave off being in love with Hermia and fall in love with Helena, and they do not know why,  even though the viewer does know. 2. 2. 3. Deception of Characters Deception of characters is one of the common characteristics for William Shakespeare’s Comedy, especially mistaken identity. Whether it takes the form of mixed-up twins or a clever disguise, mistaken identity was one of Shakespeares favourite and most-used plot devices. Gender mix-ups were also quite popular. Shakespeare quite often had characters masquerading as the opposite sex, leading to many misunderstandings and comical situations. During Shakespeares lifetime, men frequently played all the roles in a play, which added another dimension to the  comedy. For example in the Twelfth Night, Duke Orsino and Lady Olivia have 7 mistaken identity on Viola as a man, because Viola has disguised herself as a man in order to work for Duke Orsino. 2. 2. 4. Separation and re-unification Separation of family or lovers is also one of the famous characteristic can be found in William Shakespeare’s Comedies. For instance, in the Twelfth Night, Viola and her identical twin brother, Sebastian have separated for a period because they met a storm and faced shipwreck. Finally they meet each other again at the end of the play. 2. 2. 5. Clever Plot Twists Shakespearean comedy always involves multiple plot lines, cleverly intertwined to keep the audience guessing. These unexpected twists are always straightened out in a happy ending. Interesting climax often with an unexpected twist has made Shakespeare’s Comedy unique. For example, in the Twelfth Night, when Sir Toby and Sir Andrew attacked Sebastian which they thought Sebastian was Cesario, Lady Olivia came in to stop the fight and she asks Sebestian to marry her. While she also thought Sebastian was Cesario. 2. 2. 6. Clever dialogue and witty banter: Shakespeare is a huge fan of punning and snappy wordplay; so naturally, his  characters know how to get their witty repartee on. Shakespeare reserves some of the best dialogue for his warring lovers, especially Oberon and Titania in the Midsummer Night’s Dream, and even the rude mechanicals manage to wow us with their clever banter. 8 2. 2. 7. Happy Ending All the Shakespearean Comedies have happy ending. For example, at the end of the Twelfth Night, Viola and Orsino, Lady Olivia and Sebastian and Maria and Sir Toby, they finally found their love ones. 2. 3. Shakespearean’s Tragedies Shakespeare’s tragedies are typically the easiest to identify because they  contain a heroic figure, often a nobleman, who has a serious fatal flaw. Their weakness thus becomes their down fall and is often the cause of their or others demise. Also included as elements of tragedy is a serious theme, and in the end the death of someone important. Listed below are some of the most common elements in Shakespearean tragedies. 2. 3. 1. The Fatal Flaw All of the heroes in Shakespeares tragedies have a weakness in personality that eventually leads to their downfall. For example, in the Romeo and Juliet, because of Romeo kindness, his friend, Mercutio fought with Tybalt and died. 2. 3.  2. Fall of the Nobleman Many of the men in Shakespeares tragedies have extreme wealth and power, making their downfall more tragic. For example, in the Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet came from high class family, but their parents were enemies and caused Romeo and Juliet died at the end. 9 2. 3. 3. External pressure Shakespeares tragic heroes often fall victim to external pressure from others, such as evil spirits and manipulative characters who play a role in their downfall. 2. 3. 4. Hero The hero has opportunities for redemption but never takes advantage of these in time, which leads to death.

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Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet For Research Purposes Information Technology Essay

Advantages Disadvantages Of Internet For Research Purposes Information Technology Essay The Internet is a very powerful worldwide instrument, which serves as a good source for research work and learning. It generates current information, facts-finding, and is the most outstanding invention in the area of communication in the history of human race. The Internet has been very useful to mankind in the aspect of learning and research development. In due course, this essay emphasizes on details of advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in relation to research work. Advantages: Easy Communication: The Internet eases of communication to the researchers; because it serves as a guidance and original source of information. It is very easy to access and at the same time saves time thereby allowing an individual to manager his/her resources better and effectively. Additionally, the Internet is very convenient because an individual can easily carry out a research work at home with much comfort and convenience. The internet is a valuable search tool and has been informative for academic research, as it helps significantly to improve research skills, and makes learning visual and easy to follow.  [1]   Comparatively Inexpensive and Quick Dispersion of Information: The Internet creates a comparatively inexpensive avenue for releasing information and articles. Subsequently, several organizations and individuals can now circulate information to millions of users. In due course, researchers could assess and make use of this circulated information and articles for their work, thereby giving them a broader idea and knowledge in their work. Additionally, there is a spontaneous dispersion of information to various users of the internet when such information is being added to a web site. As regards this, millions of users including researchers would browse through these information and subsequently use them for their work. Hence the web is then regarded as a paragon medium for disseminating information because it removes the time wasting in between publishing content and making it available to users. Wealth of Information: Furthermore, the Internet is a wealth of information and very advantageous in various reasons; students delve into the Internet to gather lots of very useful academic information for research purposes; and the information contained on the Internet can be useful for academic research. It is a potential research tool and opens up a new and comprehensive source of information. In another development, information is probably the biggest advantage internet is offering to the users. The Internet is an apparent treasure trove of information. Any kind of information on any topic under the sun is available on the Internet. Sending E-mail Messages and Receiving Feedbacks: With the help of the Internet the user could send e-mails to colleagues, friends, co-workers etc, either to get more information from them or pass on the acquired information to them. In view of this the Internet could be regarded as a powerful content publishing tool because there are some application software embedded in the Internet that enable such transmission and transfer of information from one user to another. Consequently, these applications will allow and assist the researcher to develop content for the World Wide Web by simply saving as an HTML file. Disadvantages: Having discussed the advantages of the Internet for academic research it is worthy to mention some of its disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of the Internet is that it provides a huge amount of information thereby causing information overload. In due course, one can easily get confused with this infinite amount of titles, texts and abstracts. And because of the overwhelming information available on the Internet, one must be cautious about information obtained. Ziltrain points out that, an access provider with much less emphasis on specific content and services, retaining customers will become harder and this will adversely affect the systems utility for others.  [2]   There are no standards, that is, no process to check information accurately. Most information in the Internet does not go through a review process. Anyone can publish on the web, without passing the content through an editor. Pages might be written by an expert on the topic, or even a child, or a disgruntled contributor. Therefore, getting information from book or from various other printed sources in the library can guarantee that it is of high standard and peer reviewed. Additionally, it can be observed that with a large amount of information freely available on the internet, theft of personal information and misuse of this information is in abundance. In this regard from time to time people use someones information and research materials and pass it off as their own work. Also, Spamming, which is the process of sending unwanted or junk e-mails in bulk, which provide no purpose and consequently hinder the entire system. This in due course is regarded as an illegal activity resulting to frustrate people. As regards this, a researcher could check his e-mail to obtain some materials for his work; only to get disappointed when noticed that the e-mail was a junk. The issue of spamming extends to commercial advertising, frequently for dubious products, get-rich-quick, or semi-legal services. In due course spamming costs less to the sender but more to the receiver. In any case, spam can be prevented or stopped by installing spam filter software such as Mail washer, McAfee anti-spam software, as well as firewall. Furthermore, another disadvantage of the Internet is virus threat. In this regard, Virus is a program that interrupts the normal functioning of the computer systems. Computers that are attached to internet are more likely to be attacked by virus. In due course, this attack could result to hard disk crashing, thereby causing a big disaster on the computer. On the other hand, some unprincipled individuals have been successful in creating viruses and links that once clicked can automatically transmit ones personal e-mail addresses and other details to certain parties and even the persons bank account details in some extreme cases. Additionally, another disadvantage of the Internet for academic research is that, it is not arranged according to system and no index format. Information on the Internet is not organised; for example too many web pages for any single directory services and fees are often charged for access to specialised information. Hence, Robling indicates that focusing strictly on tight access controls, whether through strict limitations on the number of users or through the imposition of per access fees that could effectively exclude the majority of users, for example students who cannot afford it, without considering the purposes of education and research.  [3]   Conclusion: In conclusion, irrespective of the fact that the Internet has some numerous disadvantages, it can be understood that it is still very useful to mankind as in helps in medical research works and subsequent inventions, as well as produce some good interactive entertainment and multimedia. Hence, man needs the Internet to keep life going. Man asserts that, the Internet is considered not simply as a technological tool, but as a wholly new constructed environment with its own codes of practice.  [4]  

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Jim Morrison And Order & Chaos :: essays research papers fc

Jim Morrison’s life is full of twists and turns. Yet, despite this he still managed to keep control of himself to create well-organized works of music as well as his poems. His social life started out to be the safe variable and when he was on stage he let loose giving crazy shows for the audience. As his life went on his two lives began to blend into one big blunder where you could only see tiny specs of so-called order. As well as Jim’s life , the time he lived in behaved the same way. Order in the country was there, but its people and its government showed moments of chaos and even rejection of the government itself. Major things were happening and people were reacting in sometimes extreme ways. The sixties were jam packed with events showing disorder. In this way we can relate it to one who lived the time. Jim Morrison’s life was full of diversity, order and chaos, just like the times he lived in, the sixties.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Jim’s life began as a story of order and chaos. His father was a career militarist, which brought the order of the military. This job brought a lot of moving and relocation which through Jim’s childhood out of sync. Jim started his life in Clearwater, Florida. Then he moved to Washington D.C., and then on to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jim’s family kept moving and moving Jim never had time to make any true friends in any one place (Jones 31). To deal with this Jim acted like; one could say the class clown, so he would be liked. This backfired and kids learned to watch themselves around him. With no true friends Jim found that he had no problem manipulating the ones around him. He was his own individual; he just looked out for himself. Morrison received high marks throughout school even though he didn’t put too much effort into the books and spent a lot of time drunk (34). His parents then enrolled him in St. Petersburg Junior College in Fl orida, but Jim transferred to Florida State University only to drop out and move to UCLA to study film. At the end of the year Jim turned in his film, but he received bad reactions to it and he dropped out of school (Manzarek 60). This made Jim a lot more eligible to be drafted so he moved to Venice just south of Santa Monica.

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Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth

What is the Sixties Scoop? The term Sixties Scoop was coined by Patrick Johnston in his 1983 report Native Children and the Child Welfare System. It refers to the Canadian practice, beginning in the 1960s and continuing until the late 1980s, of apprehending unusually high numbers of children of Aboriginal peoples in Canada [against the Native parents’ will] and fostering or adopting them out, usually into [medium-class]white families. An estimated 20,000 aboriginal children were taken from their families,† (1).The Sixties Scoop refers to a particular phase of a larger history, and not to an explicit government policy. Although the practice of removing Aboriginal children from their families and into state care existed before the 1960s (with the residential school system, for example), the drastic overrepresentation of Aboriginal children in the child welfare system accelerated in the 1960s, when Aboriginal children were seized and taken from their homes and placed, in mo st cases, into middle-class Euro-Canadian families.This overrepresentation continues today (2). In his play, Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth, Drew Hayden Taylor manifests how Janice’s life is greatly impacted by the scoop-up leading to the loss of culture, identity crisis, and lack of sense of belonging. When an individual faces the reality of being adopted, life can become dreadful and disconcerting. Firstly, as part of Janice’s loss of culture, she will encounter herself struggling to connect with her roots by not being able to understand or speak Ojibway (native language).For instance, when Janice says â€Å"†¦ What was that she [Amelia] said to me in that language? †, (Taylor, 80). This part expresses Janice’s desire to know and learn more about her culture. However, learning about it after thirty-six years of absence, will not provide her with the proper knowledge and deeper understanding of Native culture as a whole, on the contrary, it will give Janice only a vague grasp of it. Also, when Janice says â€Å"I wonder if that’s why I bought that white fur coat of mine, my heritage coming through,† (Taylor, 91).In this case, it is clearly appreciated how Janice, who was removed from her family roots during the scoop-up, has grown up with an erroneous picture and false beliefs of what Native people look like As a result, she has created a mistaken perception of herself as an Aboriginal descendant which will repercuss the relationship between the Native environment and herself. In addition to the loss of culture, adoptees will go through an identity crisis, which can potentially make them feel guilty and confused preventing them from moving forward with their lives towards accomplishing their goals.As an illustration, Janice says, â€Å"†¦ I’m sorry I left the way I did. It must have been a horrible Christmas for you. But you must understand I didn’t walk out on you. I walked out on me . To everybody I was Grace, but to me I’m Janice. I don’t know if I can ever be the Grace you wanted, or the Grace Barb wants. I don’t know anything anymore †¦,† (Taylor, 101), she expresses sadness, uncertainty and incapability of discerning right from wrong. Thus, it can be deduced, she is suffering from identity crisis and she is unable to determine whether to hold on to her past or let it go and move on with her life.She is in a state of confusion that has her emotionally unstable. Similarly, when Barb calls Janice Grace, to which Janice responds â€Å"No, it’s not. My name is Janice. I didn’t know about â€Å"Grace† until six months ago. I don’t feel comfortable being addressed that way. It’s like somebody calling you Susan or Victoria all of the sudden. It doesn’t feel right,† (Taylor, 83). It can be said that Janice experiences an ambivalent atmosphere making her uncomfortable and exasperated wit h her surroundings, building a barrier wall between her and others.It is hard to imagine being called by one name all your life, and all of a sudden being told you have another name. It sets you back to the unknown giving you a sense of indignation, uncertainty and vexing. All in all, when an adopted person faces identity crisis, this individual will more than likely experience some alienation, incredulity and frustration. The loss of culture and identity crisis are two major factors affecting Janice’s life; furthermore, most of the indigenous children whom were adopted out during the Sixties Scoop will experience inner conflict due  to a lack of sense of belonging because they cannot find acceptance within themselves and the world around them.For example, Janice tells Barb â€Å"Barb, think about it. I was born here, but I don’t feel at home here and Amelia Earhart does. She’s family and I’m not because the Children’s Aid Society took me away. Doesn’t all this seem a little weird to you? ,†(Taylor, 82-83). This part can be described as ironic because even though Janice recognizes her roots, she feels Otter Lake is not her place to be.She never had the opportunity to establish a connection, to create a bonding between her background and herself. As a consequence she has a lack of affinity towards her biological family and her Aboriginal heritage. Moreover, when Janice confesses to Barb, â€Å"I wanted to belong here so bad. When I drove up that driveway, it seemed like I had prepared my whole life for that meeting. But from the moment I arrived, I knew I didn’t belong. You didn’t even like me,† (Taylor, 91).This expresses how Janice feels about her truth. The inevitable clash between her desire to belong to her past and the reality of her present, all of this leaving her in total perplexity. Therefore, it may be easier for a Native person to adapt to Western culture since they are surround ed by it, while to non-aboriginal people the Native culture is unknown. In other words, Janice feels the need to be accepted, to feel complete, but realizes that there is more to it than just looking like an Indian and wanting to be one.Having said that, it can be concluded that Janice’s life was negatively impacted by the Sixties scoop creating obstacles to the development of a strong and healthy sense of understanding and acknowledgement of her cultural background and heritage. In other words, she finds herself conflicting internally and doubting about her identity, the place she belongs to in the world and the knowledge as well as the appreciation of her stolen life and culture as an Indian.

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Public Schools vs Private Schools Essay

Introduction Are private school students better than those in public schools? What are some of the factors that separate the quality of education received by the two groups of students? Controversy has in the past brewed over studies that have indicated that students in private schools perform better than those in public schools. This paper is therefore meant at an in-depth analysis of both the public and private stakeholders in the education system. The paper will focus on a study that reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats experienced by students going through both systems. The study employs a unique selection model that involve religious and non-religious in comparison to public schools. The study focuses on how these factors affect the selection of schools by individuals and what exactly make private schools attractive. The paper also evaluates measures that can be taken to ensure that both the public schools and the private schools offer the same quality of education. Research problem The competition between private and public schools has been ongoing for a long time. It is only with determining which one is better that we can establish who is better between private school students and public school students. Although research has been continuous for quite some time, it is impossible for anyway to state empirically that one system is better than the other. Similarly, there hasn’t been enough improvement in the educational sector despite the fact that recommendations have been made constantly as to how to try and equalize these systems. This therefore begs the question. How can the research be carried out in such a way that it highlights major issues in the educational sector that need to be addressed? The research is also supposed to bring to light an empirical way through which the quality of public school students can be measured against that of  private school students. Human beings tend to be proud of institutions that they are affiliate to. That being said, conduction of an analysis of the system could be hindered by exaggeration or even false witness statements. Research questions and variables The study should allow for the comprehension of issues that lead to the rift between public and private schools. It should also allow for the answering of questions such as are private school students better than public school students? If so how different are they from public school student? Or rather, in what aspects do these students differ? The paper should also address the possibility of an intervention in the education sector so as to address the issues that demarcate the two institutions in terms of quality education. This should be able to create a lasting solution to the quality issue. Variables involved in this study include socioeconomic status, parental education, peer group characteristics and community support. Socioeconomic status This is commonly referred to as SES. This could affect education at the home level as well as the attitude towards education. The materials read at home could be very resourceful in improving the student’s intake of knowledge. Similarly, a good environment, one without parental quarrels, where all the basic human needs are met can ensure that the student can focus more on education. Availability of books and access to the internet is a major contributor to the learning process. These facilities are not available to all though and this could affect the quality of education. Socioeconomic status could also affect the attitude towards education making data collection during the research rather difficult. Parental education The level of education of the parents is also a variable in this study. Parents could influence their children to either, study hard and achieve as much as they did or to disregard education all the same. Parents with a lower education level are not able to monitor their children’s progress in school or even to determine if they are receiving quality education. This may lead to reduced standards in education. Parental education could affect the quality of a students work at school as well. Peer group characteristics. The company that is to be found at a prospective school may without a doubt determine whether a parent considers the school for his/her child. Parents always want what is best for their children. The thought that negative behavior is quite common in public schools could be a negative aspect. This study should however establish whether this is true and find ways to mitigate the same. Community support The community does in a way regulate the activities of a learning institution. The community influences discipline and behavioral mannerism that are acceptable. This is a major variable since different communities could prefer different behavior. Importance and benefits of research This research could without a doubt be the elusive solution to the issues surrounding equality and equity in the educational sector. The research will also answer the unanswered questions like what factors make private and public school students different, whether the students are different or not as well as the question as to what can be done to ensure that there is a lasting solution to these issues. Research objectives. The study and subsequently the research process, is meant to highlight issues that separate quality education provision between the public and private schools. It should also establish if at all public schools are better than private schools and vice versa. The research process will highlight areas where these two differ and find ways to resolve these issues creating a lasting solution to the issues that have plagued the educational sector for a very long time. This paper, with the focus on past studies, will also look at past recommendations and what has been done to put them into effect not to mention the results they have achieved so far. What challenges have been faced during the implementation process and how they can be remedied in the future are also questions meant to be answered in the study. Literature review The literature reviews in this paper has paid special emphasis on the choice of schools. The academic article has been tackled by David N. Figlio and Joe A. Stone. The ideas and measures stipulated in this article are as per stipulated by the two researchers. Their study is mainly aimed at comparing private and public schools. Several factors have been put into consideration. They include the performance, management of the school, the quality of the teaching process, class size and the facilities offered by the school. The writer of this article argue that private schools are more superior than public schools because the learners in private schools are more likely to successfully graduate from high school and get chances in colleges or universities. The proponents of this article can be criticized by the fact that public schools offer comparatively equal quality education. Also this article has used data from different private and public schools to understand the best school between private and public schools. This article has also placed a special emphasis on the unique difference that occurs between the public schools and private schools sponsored by the church. Reality stipulates that other factors apart from religion can influence the quality of education that can be provided. For example the writers of this research article should have considered factors such as the selection process. Perhaps the selection process used during the intake of private schools mainly focuses on bright students. The second article that has been tackled in this literature review a research that was done by The Center of Educational policy. The most unique thing with this research is that it recognizes that factors such as family background and the level of the school should be considered before making a comparison between any public and private schools. Also, a lot of studies that have been done in the past by scholars such as Hoffer, Coleman and Kilgore(1982) made conclusions that private schools are incomparably better than public schools. It is important to consider other important aspects of family life during any study. The good thing about this research is that it did appreciate the fact that the difference in issues such as the family of origin can make a great difference in the performance of different students. Although this study has considered these factors, it is still vivid that there are other issues within their methodology that have made their conclusion that those public schools are better and private schools appear lame. They argue that public schools improve the value of students and help them to continue maintaining the spirit of their private school performance, but there are still others who whose performance indicate a dropping graph. The other article dealt with in the literature review is the comparison made between private schools, public schools and market schools done by Andrew J. Coulson. His paper focused on informally collected information and this is likely to be biased. Sometimes, the media can encode information that private schools are better than public schools so that they can only create a public opinion that private schools should be preferred to public schools. The strength found in this article is that the information used is data that has been collected from various parts of this world such as Chile, Thailand, India, Nigeria and Indonesia among other countries. The Educational Next JournaL IS the last article of the literature review in this proposal. The author of this article is known as Elena Llaudet and Paul E. Peterson. This journal was written on winter 2007. They used NCES model that used to infer to a student’s background during the study and comparison of family backgrounds to identify incidences of poverty in families. They argued that the use of this model would help to identify the strengths of both private and public schools considering that the factor of poverty should be held constant. They also analyzed the number of students who had language difficulties and researched to see the language used in their homes. The writers of this article should have considered to analyze other factors that are likely to affect a student’s performance apart from their backgrounds. Research design The research design of this particular study is mainly based on the understanding that a lot of comparison and analysis should be done in order to be able to answer the research problem. This research will be carried out by the use of field interviews, questionnaires and other methods that will be found workable at that time. To ensure that all possible comparison is made, the researcher will ensure that they make a list of Ten public school and ten Private schools to compare several variables about them. The main area of comparison is the academic performance, but other factors that are likely to affect academic performance will also be considered. These factors include; facilities, human resource, discipline and the environment among other vital factors. Data collection methodology The data collection methodology of this research proposal is aimed at collecting data from students, teachers, the ministry of education and its departments together with youth correction institutions. Correctional Institutions for the youth will be very resourceful to help us to understand the rate of school truancy between the population from the public and the private schools. The data should be collected by means of questionnaires, interviews, as well as hypothesis. The questionnaire should also be aimed at helping the researcher to understand how students feel about being in a public or private schools. Other possible questions include; Do you think you would perform better if you were in a private school? Or Do you think that you would add more value in private or public school? If you were given a chance to rate the facilities of your school out of ten, what value would you give? Also, the interviews will be conducted to students in school (both private and public), teachers, Heads of various school departments and the parents too. Expected results When family background is taken into account, the following results are expected from the research; First and foremost, young adults whose education was at private schools are likely no to be engaged in civic activities compared to young adults whose education was at public schools that are known to have limited resources and traditional ways of education. Also, when the population of young adults who schooled in private schools is compared to those who schooled in public schools, it is clear and vivid that those people who attended traditional public high schools are more satisfied with their jobs compared to the others who schooled in private schools. The performance of students in public schools is also expected to be better than those in private schools considering that they are trained to be more independent. Finally the people who are more likely to attend college are those in public schools and not private schools. Generally, these expectations are meant to reveal that the people in private schools neither receive short term nor long-term academic advantages. Conclusion In conclusion, it is unequivocally vivid that to understand the differences and uniqueness of both public and private schools, a lot of analysis has to be done. This research is only a proposal of a lot of work which is in the offing to try and answer the research question. Public schools have various shortcomings and strengths at the same time. In the same way, private schools also have their uniqueness and shortcomings too. References Andrew J. Coulson, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, (2009) Comparing Public, Private, and Market Schools: The International Evidence, Journal of School Choice Coleman, J. S. , Hoffer, T. , & Kilgore, S. (1981). Public and private schools. Washington, D. C.? : National Center for Education Statistics :. Coleman, J. S. , Hoffer, T. , & Kilgore, S. (1982). High school achievement: public, Catholic, and private schools compared. New York: Basic Books. David N. Figlio, School Choice and Student Performance: Are Private Schools Really Better? , , September 1997 Elena Llaudet, Paul E. Peterson, The NCES Private-Public School Study, Winter 2007/Vol. 7/NO. 1 Hoxby, C. M. (1994). Do private schools provide competition for public schools?. Cambridge, MA: National Bureau of Economic Research. Mendelssohn, J. (2007). Which school? : beyond public vs private. North Melbourne: Pluto Press.

Proper Conduct in a Classroom Essay

Being respectful in class is important to the social structure of the educational environment. Without a certain degree of respect it would distract a lot of our valuable attention, and direct it away from our daily learning. This greatly would hinder our learning abilities and minimizes our educational benefits. The dilemma that we face is that a lot of student to not know how to present the proper behavior in class. The good thing is good classroom educate is an easily obtainable skill, but a perishable skill as well  before we learn how to demonstrate good classroom behavior; we must first learn the benefits of good behavior. Disrespect in class causes havoc and disorderliness. For instance If one were to speak out of turn not only would it upset the follow class mate because they did not get a fair chance to speak, but it would give the impression that other people can speak out of turn as well. If ever one spoke out of turn there would be no way to accomplish any thing. There will be too many interruptions, and some students will miss the opportunity to express their ideas. Respecting other and proper educate is the only way to keep order in the classroom. So how do we establish order in the learning environment? It is too simple. It is vital to speak when called upon, so students can get a fair chance to express their ideas, and solution. Plus this helps to alleviate distracts and annoyances. Talking out of turn is not the only distraction. Students should not get up, or leave on their own accord as well. However it is acceptable to ask to be excused. It is also important to be mindful of other pupil’s thoughts, ideas, emotions, and feeling. Spite, and animosity just agitates the concept of learning. Students should give each other constructive criticism, and listen to each others thoughts. It is also important to address the instructor by title (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss., Dr., Prof., Sir, Ma’am.), and address all your comments, concerns, and questions towards the instructor in a polite manner. Respectful behavior in classrooms is easy. However just as easy as it is, it is even easier to forget to utilize this skill. One must make a habit of  being respectful. It is a system you must employ on a day-to-day basis. If followed the method and example of classroom educate I have previously displayed will help make a more relaxing, and less stressful learning environment.

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INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN - Assignment Example Due to budgetary constraints, around will be used for the activity (Pro Plan, 2015). Message strategy: Purina Pro plans dog food is the best meal people can purchase for their dogs. The meal does not only make your dogs feel healthy, but also leaves them more energetic and free from diseases. The food has received numerous honors in trade fairs held in more than ten countries. Most of our customers have called to express their gratitude about the quality of the product (Pro Plan, 2015). Media strategy: Purina pro plan dog will be in most social media platforms that exist on the internet. Some of the social-media include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among many others. The Web developers will have to develop popup messages that will be on the social media sites. Online visitors will have a chance to follow links that will be so that they can visit the website of the company (Pro Plan, 2015). The web page may designed by taking into consideration the cost and the needs of the company and those of the customer. The web page should be users friendly; it should sell the company easily. The web page below present variety types of dog meals that customers can buy at an affordable price. It aims to create awareness among new and existing customers. It also focuses to stimulate market demand as discussed. The target market for the Internet Marketing tool is the dog owners who usually visit the internet to search food for their dogs. Many markets have been established with the advent of the internet. It has opened new markets across the world markets. Numerous opportunities exist for the platform because some of the markets are yet to be. With the possibility of customers purchasing goods and services from any point in the world, the internet has become the ideal advertisement tool for most organizations. Curious customers spend their time on the internet searching for quality products. The method

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Unit 1 Micro Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Unit 1 Micro - Assignment Example This will occur in any sector of the economy, ranging from rent controlled houses, to basic needs supplies, and to luxurious human wants. For the duration of President Bush administration, the administration had levied price floors, which market analysts claimed were below the floor. In contrast, they did not produce price ceilings. As the economy operates, price floors alone have the propensity of gratifying the wealthy societal members, and captivating from the poor the petite they have, and at times, taking from the poor what they do not basically have to give (Mankiw 2011). Imposing price ceilings may create shortages, because it may discourage production, because manufacturers won’t be in a position to determine the profit margin they require from given products. It’s evident that price ceilings and price floors are inter-linked. For government efficient intervention in the economy, it should formulate a plan to impose both price ceilings and floors concurrently. By doing so, both the consumers and producers will be affected, but in a weighted manner such that the general societal members, especially those with low income reaps the benefits. Government involvement in the economy is way too far. Its fascination with safeguarding health, security and convenience has complicated the workings of the economy. For instance, the directive from government to have all pools in community centers and hotels fortified with lifts to guarantee easy access for the incapacitated has hiked the costs of these lifts to $8,000 to $20,000. This is not good for business, and has predisposed some community centers and hotels to close their pools completely. In another case, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has endeavored to ban the sale of soft drinks in servings with a capacity over 16 iotas. He proposes to levy the ban within all city eateries, and in other formations such as movie theatres and sports arenas.

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The role of Government in the Information Assurance and Security Research Paper

The role of Government in the Information Assurance and Security process and their access to personal information to include soc - Research Paper Example Cyber criminals have continued to develop better and more sophisticated tools of accessing private information of highly confidential government agencies, banks, credit bureaus and research institutes. This has increased to pile more pressure on the government as steps that ensure information assurance and confidentiality rises. With the rising corporate competition, unauthorized access to the competitor’s strategic information can provide the necessary leeway for growth. This has seen company’s loss private marketing and management ideas to their rivals through unauthorized access to private information. The government has a huge responsibility in the provision of information assurance and security to both its agencies and private companies. In the process of achieving this important goal, the government accesses private and personal information of its citizens. This has created a major public outrage as they feel that their privacies have been invaded. Mobile phones, social media and emails are avenues for individuals to exchange either business or personal information. ... Introduction Background information of the study Information security is the continuous protection of information and security apparatuses from any unauthorized access, disruption, alteration, publication or even termination and disruption. Information assurance and security is about creating systems that promote a secure platform for storing information and data without the fear of unwanted intrusion. Information in today’s world is a critical asset that must be safeguarded at all costs. Unwanted access to private information can lead to loss of such important assets, which may cripple an organization. Competitive edge is the desire of every corporation in this competitive world of business. Any organization that can easily access the others information regarding their future operation plans can scheme to stifle such plans. Any step that threatens private and business information therefore threatens the existence of the business (Motorola Inc, 2010, p.4). Backstreet terrorism has been replaced with more advanced techniques that vary from cyber attacks, access to confidential security details online and attacks on bank information. Any lapse in the security system of technologically stored information translates into millions of shillings or thousands of lives lost. The main mandate of any government is to ensure that its citizens are protected at all times (Bowens and Keys, 2004). Adopting steps that ensure that no security lapse can occur within the government security details is of great importance. Attack on government dignitaries can be easier if terrorist access their private security details. It is therefore the sole role of the government to ensure that confidential information is kept safe and secure from terrorist attacks (Cybercore