Friday, October 18, 2019

Characteristics of Juvenile offenders Research Paper

Characteristics of Juvenile offenders - Research Paper Example This age is subject to state laws whereby different countries or states have this age set between 17 to 18 years on general terms. However, in cases of serious crime e.g. murder or cases of sexual assault, the age bracket may assume a lower age limiting bar. The main aim of taking a juvenile in court is not to instill punishment on the offender but rather to establish measures that aim at rehabilitating them for them to go back to the society and be productive. The act offense in question is usually termed as delinquent rather than criminal (Aaron, 2000). In extreme cases some states have been forced to establish juvenile prison facilities due to the nature of the offense committed irrespective of the offender’s age. These young people can be identified by their various characteristics some of which are obvious while others are not. The major causes of the ever rising cases of juvenile offenders are their ever increasing habits of being rebellious, mass media and the high rate s of divorce. Juvenile offenders tend to exhibit antisocial behavior which is coupled with alienation. This is where the juvenile engages in behaviors that are not in line with social morals as well as standards. Most of these behaviors lead to bleach of peace in the family of the offenders as well as the community in which they live. Delinquents usually find themselves involved in drugs which increase their chances of committing offences to others in the society. Gun possession is another common indulgence they find themselves in. Many of these young people dwell in neighborhoods that are secluded and least patrolled by law enforcement authorities and for this reason they may at any time have an illegal fire arm. This consequently increases the level of insecurity in these areas (Balnave, et al. 2003). Such communities experience high murder and crime rates due to having

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