Friday, October 18, 2019

Overview of the conflicts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Overview of the conflicts - Essay Example s necessary to have a clear understanding of both of their arguments and the possible solutions they put forward, to recognize the actual reason of the conflict. Chua begins her essay by explaining how Aunt Leona, her father’s twin sister who was murdered by her driver in Philippines and how no action was taken by the Philippines police because her aunt was Chinese. This was nothing shocking for the people as hundreds of Chinese in Philippines were kidnapped every year and brutally murdered by the Ethnic Filipinos. . The minority Chinese dominated the whole of industry and commerce in the country whereas all menial jobs were done by the Filipinos. Chua cites this example to show how the market-dominated minority of Chinese are despised and taken revenge by the majority of Filipinos and how the government supports it. For Chua, the conflict lies in the relationship among three factors- markets, democracy and ethnic hatred. She believes that Americans today are perceived as the world’s market- dominant minority and this has obviously resulted in the September 11 World Trade Center episode. According to her, the global spread of m arkets and democracy is the major reason for group hatred and ethnic violence throughout the Non- Western world. This results in three kinds of violence: a) violence against markets that target the market dominant minorities’ wealth, b) attack against democracy by forces favorable to the market dominant minority, and c) violence directed against the market dominant minority itself .Thus she considers the working of market dominant minority against the wishes of the impoverished majority as the major factor behind the conflict and possible changes in the prevalent system can bring about a difference. Huntington, on the other hand, believes that the fundamental source of conflict is not primarily ideological or economic but cultural. Clashes occur when people divide themselves based on their common cultural identity such as language,

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