Monday, October 7, 2019

The role of Government in the Information Assurance and Security Research Paper

The role of Government in the Information Assurance and Security process and their access to personal information to include soc - Research Paper Example Cyber criminals have continued to develop better and more sophisticated tools of accessing private information of highly confidential government agencies, banks, credit bureaus and research institutes. This has increased to pile more pressure on the government as steps that ensure information assurance and confidentiality rises. With the rising corporate competition, unauthorized access to the competitor’s strategic information can provide the necessary leeway for growth. This has seen company’s loss private marketing and management ideas to their rivals through unauthorized access to private information. The government has a huge responsibility in the provision of information assurance and security to both its agencies and private companies. In the process of achieving this important goal, the government accesses private and personal information of its citizens. This has created a major public outrage as they feel that their privacies have been invaded. Mobile phones, social media and emails are avenues for individuals to exchange either business or personal information. ... Introduction Background information of the study Information security is the continuous protection of information and security apparatuses from any unauthorized access, disruption, alteration, publication or even termination and disruption. Information assurance and security is about creating systems that promote a secure platform for storing information and data without the fear of unwanted intrusion. Information in today’s world is a critical asset that must be safeguarded at all costs. Unwanted access to private information can lead to loss of such important assets, which may cripple an organization. Competitive edge is the desire of every corporation in this competitive world of business. Any organization that can easily access the others information regarding their future operation plans can scheme to stifle such plans. Any step that threatens private and business information therefore threatens the existence of the business (Motorola Inc, 2010, p.4). Backstreet terrorism has been replaced with more advanced techniques that vary from cyber attacks, access to confidential security details online and attacks on bank information. Any lapse in the security system of technologically stored information translates into millions of shillings or thousands of lives lost. The main mandate of any government is to ensure that its citizens are protected at all times (Bowens and Keys, 2004). Adopting steps that ensure that no security lapse can occur within the government security details is of great importance. Attack on government dignitaries can be easier if terrorist access their private security details. It is therefore the sole role of the government to ensure that confidential information is kept safe and secure from terrorist attacks (Cybercore

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