Wednesday, October 9, 2019

INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

INTERNET MARKETING CAMPAIGN - Assignment Example Due to budgetary constraints, around will be used for the activity (Pro Plan, 2015). Message strategy: Purina Pro plans dog food is the best meal people can purchase for their dogs. The meal does not only make your dogs feel healthy, but also leaves them more energetic and free from diseases. The food has received numerous honors in trade fairs held in more than ten countries. Most of our customers have called to express their gratitude about the quality of the product (Pro Plan, 2015). Media strategy: Purina pro plan dog will be in most social media platforms that exist on the internet. Some of the social-media include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among many others. The Web developers will have to develop popup messages that will be on the social media sites. Online visitors will have a chance to follow links that will be so that they can visit the website of the company (Pro Plan, 2015). The web page may designed by taking into consideration the cost and the needs of the company and those of the customer. The web page should be users friendly; it should sell the company easily. The web page below present variety types of dog meals that customers can buy at an affordable price. It aims to create awareness among new and existing customers. It also focuses to stimulate market demand as discussed. The target market for the Internet Marketing tool is the dog owners who usually visit the internet to search food for their dogs. Many markets have been established with the advent of the internet. It has opened new markets across the world markets. Numerous opportunities exist for the platform because some of the markets are yet to be. With the possibility of customers purchasing goods and services from any point in the world, the internet has become the ideal advertisement tool for most organizations. Curious customers spend their time on the internet searching for quality products. The method

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