Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Team work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Team work - Essay Example An important element of human nature is that every individual has own opinions and independent methods of working. Every individual wants importance, power, authority and control over other. However, the teamwork emphasises on sharing of opinions, ideas, experiences, rewards and punishments. Cohesive efforts and collaborative knowledge brings success to any organisation and healthy team environment. Training, co-training, and workshops are conducted by employer to equip their employees with necessary skills required for teamwork. The necessary information, resources and materials should be exchanged with teammates. The interdependence and dynamic interactions among the team members plays an important role to adopt certain strategy to complete a particular project. Team success can be achieved through positive outcome of series of events and coordination of series of tasks. In order for teamwork culture to succeed, some aspects of teamwork like motivation, leadership, and open communi cation plays major role. All these factors interact with each other and influence the overall excellence of the organisation (Nadjiwon-Foster 2002). When organisation adopts flat structure by eliminating many middle-level management positions, leadership plays an innovative role at all levels. The functional and legitimate behaviour of leader influences his teammates (Barker 1996). The leader inspires other team members to behave and perform in a certain way. The formal and informal forms of his influence help in building flexible, yet successful organisation with shared vision. When anybody in the team has disruptive influence on the other teammates and consequently impairing the team’s objectives, leader must take immediate action in the form of warnings or punishments. The person should be made aware of aftereffects of his behaviour. The leader has to handle varied personalities having different temperaments, cultures,

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