Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Uninsured and Ill, A Woman is Forced to Ration Her Care Essay

Uninsured and Ill, A Woman is Forced to Ration Her Care - Essay Example Kaur, a year old lady who has suffered from glaucoma since she was a child. Hailing from a poor background, we see how her family struggled to take her to an optometrist who through and through prescribed stronger and stronger spectacles. Now a grown, married lady her illness is a crucial problem to her day to day work. Ms. Kaurs access to care for her eye condition has been affected by many situations. Ms. Kaur works in Manhattan newsstand, at her husband’s uncle, she makes $6 an hour, and she works from 6 am to 3 pm without lunch break for seven days a week. In her health condition, she uses glasses to see well. Her annual income when calculate sums up to $16000 per year. This amount does not qualify her or Medicaid or any other government health program for the poor. Occasionally she experiences eye throbbing pain that require medical attention. Her visits to the New York eye and ear infirmary, where she has been treated for glaucoma on and off since 1999, leave her in debt and having exhausted her earnings on medication and other necessities Ms. Kaur, sometimes avoids regular doctor visits. On many occasions, Ms. Kaur acts as her own physician and druggist though it is said that, with lack of professional attention, she may wind up causing a problem in her other eye. The absence of a regular doctor to examine her condition has also been seen as a barrier since she does not receive the free samples that many patients enjoy with regular doctors. A spokes’ woman for allergen explained that pharmaceutical companies have free drug programs for the poor. Ignorance is another barrier to Ms. Kaur health access the fact that she lacks a source of information about the readily available insurance programs for the poor, company programs for the uninsured this would have enabled her to receive xalatans for at least 6 months. Ms. Klau is also faced with cultural barriers, culturally a young woman in India was not allowed to work to make

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