Thursday, September 26, 2019

Rohlinger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Rohlinger - Essay Example Rohlinger is a very interesting piece especially due to the sexualized men images that are used to portray the economic state and the way they are designed to appeal the liberated women.Unlike in men, there is much contention on the advertising using women’ erotic images arguing that the message sent is not good. Many people do not resist the use of men’ erotic images in advertising. I am still fascinated by the theory that liberated women mean strong independent women as indicated in the piece of work. The target audience is important in the setting of such an advert and I feel that the sales would not surge up if the audience targeted is in a relationship. I also noted with much interest the role played by ‘gender roles’ in making of advertisements. In setting a cologne advert it was important noting the way men are made vulnerable and so they get the importance of owning the cologne.However, from my own point of view, I do not think that the adverts made using the erotic images can really coerce me to buy something. Say an advert for a burger, even if made by a sexy lady, that does not mean that I will go and buy it. Ladies like dolls and manufacturers have taken that as a good platform to make great sales. This way you find that even as age advances the ladies still remain glued to their dolls and having the real attachment with them. The question that arises is whether the manufacturers really care more than the sales they make from the same.

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