Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Introduction to Business Law - legal system Essay

Introduction to Business Law - legal system - Essay Example It's not something that is justifiably in the normal life of a teenager but it doesn't mark him as a threat in regards to becoming a repeat offender. Either way this isn't something you have to worry about with this candidate. I assure you that you won't return to your complex one day to discover graffiti all over the front of your building. (Building Blocks for Youth, Fact Sheet 1, 2005). The other candidate that I do believe should be considered for a position placed within your company is candidate number 5. His background record shows that although he served 1 year in prison because of his crime involving credit card fraud, several years have passed since then and he seems to have been decently rehabilitated by the judicial and prison systems. After researching this candidate's background thoroughly myself I feel secure in advising you to offer him employment. The Federal Bureau of Investigation follows all white collar crime, especially those involving identity theft and credit card fraud among many other types of fraudulent activities.

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