Monday, September 9, 2019

Harley davidson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Harley davidson - Essay Example this mission by providing to the motorcyclists and the general public with vast line of motorcycles, accompanied with branded products and services through the selected market segments. The first objective is attracting customers from the vast younger generation and women. The second objective is achieving a balance existing through empowering the brand and the rising of value. The next objective is engaging in the production of high-quality products and aim at reducing on the customer complaints. Finally, Harley Davidson aims at enhancing operational efficiency while putting focus on the Global Market through engaging towards raising the company’s market shares. 4. Be able to grow into a global enterprise and be able to maintain on the operation basing on a strategic international market with the purpose of supporting the company’s worldwide dealer and distributor networks. There is need to see expansion on the Rider’s Edge as a measure of experiencing the dream of riding The company adopts an Open Door Policy in all of its areas of operations as a measure aimed at encouraging the employee involvement in the initiatives of transforming the company. The second policy is about Protecting Trademarks & Patents. The third policy is Empowering R&D in order to become a leader in the market and develop better products. The final policy is engaging in Climate Change initiatives that are in light with the changing global science and policy. 5. The company provides memorable experiences to its buyers as a measure of developing an intense brand loyalty 6. Engage in building a strong relationship with the suppliers as an initiative of getting quality products and cost reduction. There was an excessive concentration on aging baby boomers and with some current efforts shifting to women and young generation. The strategy aims at increasing the number of sales by teaching this target population how to ride. Secondly, there is a need for providing training for rider

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