Sunday, January 20, 2019

Reflections on Visual Representation: Of Mice and Men

As a female, I was annoyed the room the saucy made wo manpower erupt actively by using haggling like tramp, pitch and tart and the way manpower in the unused used them as prostitutes, so my representation shows the emancipation and confine handst of ringleted wife eve given her power in my representation because her and the other women had none In the novel and eventide made the men all fairly insignificant In my representation because It wasnt fair that they had all the power In the book.I matt-up Like Curlers wife was Like a coopd red-faced cent In the novel because she urgently wanted to escape from her manners, yet just couldnt. This is why I used a raspberry batting cage as the cost dominant thing in my representation. It is sparkles because I wanted it to look luring because Curlers wife was lu passing into marrying Curler because she thought that pairing would give her trimdom. The brides veil hanging on the outback(a) of the birdcage emphasizes that her h opes and dreams were out of form headway and that marriage was central to her being trapped.Black chains argon also disguised around the sparkles cage, which makes her even more curb than bonny being in the cage. A mans clothing and die hat sits over the veil, chains and the cage door, which shows hat men, and especially rich men like Curly and his sustain are the most powerful, consume the most freedom In the novel, and are the ones who trap and confine other less powerful people. Birds square ups in the cage are a metaphor for Curlers wife who is like a confined bird, and the fact that they are popping out the side of the cage shows that she is desperately trying to escape.Just like a bird is free to fly where incessantly it likes, her dreams were free once, but now they are caged. Curlers wife, the prostitutes and the girl in the red dress are all nameless in the novel Just like the bird in the cage we now it is a bird because we can see its feathers, but we cant actu ally see what type of bird it is. Even so, the feathers are shameful which has two symbolic meanings, firstly black symbolizes her misery and death, and the way the feathers are scattered everywhere reminds me of the description of the intensity before her murder and of her dead limp body.Black Is also the color associated with wrong and the author constructs her as a sank/flirt who Is trying to corrupt men. Eve Included one tiny single feather with beautiful red spots on it, which shows the way the men treat her potty feather is also like Curly wifes hair it is soft which tempts Ellen to touch it which finally leads to him murdering her. Also, the red scratchy feather is like her dreams that are mostly cabalistic now that she is confined in her marriage cage.Red is associated with prostitutes and was also the color of Curlers wifes office and the red dress the girl was wearing who accused Ellen of rape, so in my representation, I abide made it a feminine color. The red spo tted feather also shows Curlers wifes vibrant personality that we understand more when she explains how she could have en a movie star. The quote An a guy legal document me he could put me in pitchers On sparkly paper backs this up and is shown in bold lettering to show how forcefully she said the words, but Eve cut them in half on the poster to make the words hard to understand Just like in the novel when she spoke them to Ellen, he couldnt really understand her which again emphasizes how trapped and only if she was. This idea is shown again in another quote Satisfy night. Everybody out doing osmosis. Everybody An what am I don? Standing here talking to a bunch of bindle stiffs which emphasizes that the men are all out and have friends, but she is not allowed to have either.The black font is damaged Just like she admits that she is damaged done this rhetorical question. Even so, Ellen and Crook are also excluded and confined and they are shown on my representation as stick figu res/bindle stiffs connected to this quote who I positioned at the outside of my picture, Just like they are at the outside of society. They have weird square heads and uneven bodies to show that they are distinct to the other powerful men represented by the suit and top hat on he cage in the middle of the representation, and the men in the newspaper article in the background.Colorful, red, shiny swirls are emit from the cage and heading upwards which is like the singing/chirping bird because Curly wife was always trying to be happy and talk to the men because she was trapped and lonely. These red swirls floating upward also represent the freedom of dreams. But people cant understand birds just like the men couldnt understand Curlers wifes loneliness which is also shown by a clump of red garner that are be up in a small tummy hardly noticeable on the eight hand side of the cage.The Jumbled letters are separate from the mens words, which are shown as dark happy words, all Joined together because they are all free to socialize with each other. Even so, the mens words face inwards in a circle which shows their social circle and represents the way they forbear her out and trapped in her cage. Curlers wife is excluded from the friendships and confined to her unhappy life on the ranch because she is female, and because she is the bosss wife. By Paris Whittaker Year 11

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