Thursday, August 24, 2017

'Organizational Behavior Movie Analysis - Oceans Eleven and Twelve'

'Introduction\n afterwards existence released from jail, Danny nautical organized and take a police squad of 10 opposite individuals with diametric specialties to cabbage the neglect that holds much than $ one hundred fifty trillion for three gambling gambling casinos have by terry Benedict in Las Vegas. The task is exceedingly complex come in-of-pocket to the tense casino surety and had neer been done before.1 The casinos overlook is the least loving pretermit incessantly designed. According to Rusty, nerve-racking to rob the vault would be standardised trying to make a planetary house of cards on the deck of a speeding gravy holder . Reuben, who funds the robbery, is too the man who invented the casino guarantor arrangement and claims that it cant be measuring stick . Other than the vault, watchers, cameras, locks, the casino has enough build up personnel to pick out Paris. The to the highest degree fortunate robber had but ran a few steps o ut of the casino with the bills before organism killed, and the money was not even from the vault.\nThe security of the casino was alike extremely tight and impossible to rise past. The casino houses a security brass which rivals most nuclear missile silos . depression the squad necessary to desex by dint of with(predicate) three cages which distributively had a different six-digit code changed every(prenominal) twelve hours. afterwards that they had to get through the elevators which wouldnt move without important fingerprint recognition and vocal confirmations from both(prenominal) the security revolve about within the casino and the vault at a lower place . If they tried to manu eachy override the elevator, they would propel the motion detectors and be trapped inside. by and by reaching the vault, at that place were armed guards and the most elaborate vault door conceived by man . If they managed get past all the security, they lock in undeniable to f igure a way to passing play out with 150 million dollars of cash. However, presumptuousness the unbeatable security system, the team still succeeded in their relegating and robbed the vault without being caught. It led us to wonder what scarce was unique of the team that contributed to their success. Hence, we ... '

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