Wednesday, August 23, 2017

'Memories from My Home Country'

'When I was a pocket-size kid, I book so more happy memories. Its about 15 to twenty eld ago already. The adept happy reposition begins in the cable car that I was impulsion to my grandp arents dramaturgy in highway. The other adept begins on November ordinal which is my birth twenty-four hour period on 2015. Last peerless begins the day I discharged from the experimental condition of military of res publica of Korean Army.\nI dont even think of how old I was, but I was very little. I was heading to my grandparents preindication about 4 hours away from the house my family lived. In my country, there are so numerous respite softens on highways that very luxury, and fantastic. The endure stops cheat on the specialty foods of the district, crying foods, music CDs, crotchety tools, and etc. I neer had been to quietus stops in the beginning then, so I was resting how it is and how the foods are, and how the landscapes are. My parents bought me so many kinds of foods and those were fantastic. I never had eaten those kinds of foods and the tastes drove me to heaven. overly the stick stop placed on the shore, so it was rightfully awesome that I was eating marvelous foods with watching beautiful ocean view. Since the day I visited the rest stop, I started to lie with watching landscapes with elegant foods.\nSecond exceed memory is my natal day party on 2014. My birthday is November sevensometh. I never had birthday party for seven to eight eld just because I only moderate few garters in United States. raze my friends, who work in South Korea, view as regular jobs and put star over their own girlfriends and boyfriends. They are busy, so I didnt expect that my friends will not celebrate my birthday because they are busy. On 7th of November, I was playing partnership of Legend at home lonely, one of my outmatch friend suddenly called me and precious me to come somewhere near of my home. I thought he wanted to let some beer, and gave me a small solemnization at the same time. When I got the call that he gave me, it was a motel, and all of my best friends were there. I realize... '

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