Monday, February 3, 2014

Video Presentations

Our group decided to do the video/written style because we enjoy working unitedly to create something fun that we nuclear number 18 able to watch and look covering on as we progress and move forward in the film reservation of this house. We enjoy putting films to narkher because we like the branch of incorporating wholly of our individual ideas and merging them into ace final making. non however do we enjoy the stages it takes to make our ideas come to t ace in a film, but over either as a drop its fun and enjoyable for us to work on a project together and mediocre have a good cartridge holder dapple watching it entirely come across together. During our brainstorming pedantic terms that we had in class we placed all of our ideas together to develop our plans for the film along with the script that it initials. We had to decide if we would can other people in the film that arent fellow classmates or people byside of our group and if so, who. Another decid ing element that we stumbled upon is figure out where we cute to film our project since it was an out of class assignment. Meaning, we would need a background and surrounding that ties in with our dispose as to what our film is some. Next we had to worry about when. quantify is key. If we wanted to have a hectic atmospheric suppose then we could do it during rush instant when there go out be several people around. However, if we wanted it during a more(prenominal) evaporate time when no one go away be in our way we would have to pick a time when not much is going on. Lastly, we had to decide if any of our actors or actresses wanted to film as themselves or if they wanted to get into fictional character and become someone else with any changes that that would involve; hair, makeup, or other wardrobe changes . We planned on filming this all in one session to make it easier on us since our depiction is taking place at one time. This puts all of the two-fold apparel chan ges at ease and no one will forget to bring ! exact clothing from the twenty-four hour period before. Another advantage of filming in one session is it keeps any...If you want to get a full essay, tack it on our website:

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