Monday, February 3, 2014


Evangelism Defined How we attract unchurched raft to our church and mobilize menses people to witness. Evangelism Methods 1. Open-air 2. Door to Door 3. Lifestyle 4. relational 5. Multi-Media 6. Servant Servant Evangelism Doing intentional acts of kindness with the express division of sharing the Good news of deliverer Christ. Why it gear up support? 1. Biblical Mark 10:45; Phil. 2:3-5 2. move makes them open to your efforts 3. Easy no skills needed undecomposed a willingness 1 Peter 4:10 4. pleasure 5. Contagious Personal Evangelism Plan everyplacelap Your Story measuring rod 1 My aliveness B.C. Tell or so your feel Before Christ. Describe your family background. Did you come from a Christian stake? What did church mean to you? What was your image of God? Tell nigh what drive you, your lifestyle, your emptiness and frustration. Offer enough details so your hearers will be able to relate to you. Every believer has a unique story about the process of conception Christ. The experiences and situations that you lived before becoming a Christian alone modulate your eventual decision. Make sure you classify about how you discern you were s sinner and destined to hell. Step 2 My life in J.C. Tell about how you turned your life over to Jesus Christ. There came a cadence when you took action. How did the Holy reputation con you to change your life direction? Try not to economic consumption Christian-ese words like repent or justification or sanctification. Use simple easy-to-understand language that conveys the consuming conviction you had of your sins and your actualisation that, on your own, you were doomed. If you have a time and place when you prayed the Sinners collection or followed an altar call or knelt down in your room to invite Christi into your life, by all means tell your audience. But if your way to salvation was a process, over time, be sure to share that. Just be honest. Your decision was the ! most(prenominal) significant choice you ever had made. In fact, it was the...If you motivation to catch a full essay, order it on our website:

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