Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Providing The Care For The Elderly Persons Assignment

Providing The Care For The Elderly Persons - Assignment Example In most of the developing and underdeveloped countries, the elderly take care of themselves. The old are not given affordable rights to health care, food, clothing, shelter, and others. They are left alone to survive through their relatives who sometimes are also not able to care for them in the proper way possible. They are not assigned to any nurses or someone to help them take care of themselves. Therefore, they are left to suffer and do things on their own. In such case, I think these Governments should have homes for the elderly. Here, they should be provided with people who can take care of them on a daily basis. They also need to be provided with food, clothing, healthcare support and any other basic need they would require. They are a part of the community, and in any case, they are responsible for the current status of our countries. All workers in the United States should have the right to paid medical leave when their medical condition was contributed to by work conditions. The workers need to be paid their salaries in full as they undergo treatment, for the first six months of treatment. If they don't recover before the first six months, they need to receive their wages in full. Any time after six months if they have not recovered, they need to be paid half of their total salary by their employers. This should be done until such time that they will recover and get back to work. In case they don't recover, they will remain to receive their pay up to such time that they were supposed to retire. In the case of a permanent disability or death, they should be given their two-year pay. However, this doesn't happen universally. Some reasons are that some employees are only on contracts that are not enforceable. Some countries also do not recognize such rights and have their workers bill of rights.

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