Monday, November 4, 2019

Ocean regulation and deregulation Research Paper

Ocean regulation and deregulation - Research Paper Example The aim of deregulation has always been to reduce the constraints that are imposed by the government on the ocean transport sector. Deregulation aims at creating conditions that are conducive to the success of the ocean transport system. During the process of deregulation, the Federal Maritime Commission was in struggle with the pressure of removing the anti-trust immunity that the ocean shipping conferences were enjoying. Although the ocean shipping reform act has maintained the anti-trust immunity (Dong-Hua 24). The modes affected by the reregulation include leaves of the ocean workers, standards that will prevent oil spills in the oceans, and simplified processes that will settle transactions carried out in the ocean transport sector. The new regulations are seen as economically significant regulations since they promote benefits of the ocean transport (Dick 385). It is important for current logisticians to understand that an efficient transport system that is economical is an essential system. Especially in the field of shipping and ports, the efficiency of the transport system is very important. Re regulation is likely to improve logistics and facilitate trade through ocean transport (Sagers

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