Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Indebtedness Today one can say it is near impossible to succeed without an education past the high school level. With universities knowing this the cost of attendance has raised drastically. Some may argue that taking out loans is well worth the long time debt that comes with it. Others may say loans are not something they would recommend and would rather pay out of pocket. Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and US Bank(who is one of the only banks award scholarships based of random picks) are just a few from of list of the top financial institutions to provide aid to students in America.Bank of America has implemented another company called Monster. They run a program that goes cross country to over 200 campuses and teach them about how to manage money and budget for necessities. This includes credit cards and other loans from Bank of America. This program is free to any student who wants the general knowledge and Dennis Morey states that â€Å"Bank of America is committed to students a nd their long term success†. Wells Fargo offers multiple pay back options and even allows students to have a cosigner just in case something isn’t working for them.They offer call centers and help lines that provide you with plans on paying back loans and also encourage you that loans are not bad and could be stepping stones to a better future. Institutions such as Chase try to help ones financial situation by only allowing them the amount of tuition minus other aid. This insures that no one student has accepted a bigger responsibility than can be handled. This keeps the amount of debt that they could have down to a more controllable amount.They also exercise payback right away plans. This keeps a student from having such a heavy burden once they are finished with school and have moved on to a life after studies. SunTrust bank takes a different approach. Through the process of getting a student loan they take you through the necessary steps of seeing if you qualify for any scholarships and grant money this helps reduce the initial amount of money needed to attend a college our university.After that they check to see if you qualify for federal loans that may not have any interest. This helps students in the long run because what they borrow is what they have to pay back nothing more is added on. Sources http://www. suntrusteducation. com/PayingForCollege/Students/UnderGraduate. html http://www. chasestudentloans. com/ https://www. wellsfargo. com/student/ http://newsroom. bankofamerica. com/press-release/consumer-banking/monster-and-bank-america-promote-smart-money-management-skills-among-

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