Saturday, September 14, 2019

Critical Issues in Learning Essay

Processes of learning and the transfer of learning are critical to realize how human beings develop their competencies. Learning is critical as nobody is born with a capability to perform aptly as an adult in society. More importantly, it is necessary to understand the types of learning experiences and critical issues involve within that lead to transfer. Transfer is a capability to extend the knowledge that has been acquired in one context to other context. Educators say that students transfer their learning from one problem to other during a course, from one class in school to other class, between educational institutions and their homes, and from educational institutions to workplaces. Such assumptions regarding transfer of learning involves the belief that it is good to widely educate people despite just â€Å"train† them to conduct specific jobs. (Campbell, et. al. , 2007) Measures of transfer of learning have significance in assessing the level of people’s learning capabilities and experiences. Different types of learning experiences often appear to be same when they are examined by just focusing on remembering (remembering is defined as a quality to repeat the knowledge that has been acquired earlier), but the same experiences look different when transfer tests are conducted. Here are some of the major issues of learning and transfer that have significance in education: †¢ Initial learning is very essential for transfer. A very good amount of knowledge is known about the types of learning experiences that help transfer. †¢ Information that is excessively contextualized will reduce transfer; if the knowledge is presented in the form of â€Å"abstractâ€Å", it can enhance transfer. †¢ All new learning has transfer that is based on earlier learning; this thing is very important while designing instructions to help students in learning. ? 1. REFERENCES 1. Campbell, J. P. , Oblinger, D. G. , Chang, W. C. , Craig, E. M. , Diaz, V. , Fowler, S. B. , Kinley, E. , Little, J. K. , Molholt, P. , Siddall, S. E. , & Trinkle, D. A. , 2007. Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues, 2007. Educause Quarterly. Viewed on 16 July 2010, Retrieved from: http://www. educause. edu/EDUCAUSE+Quarterly/EDUCAUSEQuarterlyMagazineVolum/TopTenTeachingandLearningIssue/161828

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