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Case Study Question Answering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case Study Question Answering - Essay Example All these strategies by the school head should principally focus on student learning, by providing institutional and instructional leadership (Brown, 2010, p. 5). Mrs. Huda faces an enormous task in her new capacity as a high school headmistress for a new school. Mrs. Huda possesses hardworking and intelligent characteristics that came out clearly throughout her career and studies. She has a strong personality, serious about her duties, excellent and shows perseverance. After her studies, Mrs. Huda worked as a mathematics teacher. Because of her successes in her profession, she gained promotion within 7 years to a secondary school headmistress. She worked tirelessly as a headmistress, and after four years, her achievements were noticeable. The ministry and the educational zone took pride of her hard work. In her fifth year as school head, she was transferred to another school by her superiors who aimed at placing an experienced and hardworking headmistress as the school head. She ass umed her responsibility and functions in her new school with motivation and enthusiasm. However, as she went about her duties with strictness and highhandedness, some of the teachers disliked her leadership style, and they brought it up with the education zone and the ministry. These teachers accused the headmistress of imposing her views, scolding them and being impolite and cruel with her words. They also accused her of constantly changing administrative demands, being bossy and not considering the teachers social needs (Al-Waqfi, & Forstenlechner, 2009, p.2). If I were Mrs. Huda, acting as a school head, I would act appropriately to administrative issues arising in my school as highlighted in each of the following situations. When It Comes To My Knowledge That I Will Be Transferred To a New School During the school holiday, I would make an inquiry about the new school, students and faculty. I would also inquire about the parents and the culture of the school. I would make an asse ssment of the school and have clear goals and expectations. This assessment would establish what needs assessment, and the people to look up to for feedback. This assessment that is reliable and valid will then be linked to research-based standards. The data collected is vital in developing a holistic approach and view of the school performance and expectations. Making an inquiry about the school is necessary because it helps in developing a comprehensive plan for changing issues that need address (Claudet, 2007, p. 7). During The First Meeting with the Administrative Staff in the New School During the first meeting with the teaching and administrative staff, it is crucial to first highlight the issues that need change. I will introduce the assessment to the staff and press to them the need for addressing the issues (Claudet, 2007, p. 9). During this meeting, I will also announce my administrative policies, focused on improving the school. The staffs need to know that the policies n eed fast implementation and absolute commitment. I will also introduce clear expectations on the purpose and goals of the policies I intend to institute in the school. The easy-to-understand and explicit expectations and goals intend to provide a transparent environment for running the school (Ebmier, 2004, p. 7). When I Notice the Frequent Absence of Employees It is vital to investigate reasons for teacher’s absence from school. Then from this investigation, I would

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