Friday, August 23, 2019

The Plantation Mistress by Catherine Clinton Essay

The Plantation Mistress by Catherine Clinton - Essay Example This time marks one of the darkest periods in the history of America, therefore, confessions by these women in their diaries and memoirs represents real events concerning their tribulations. These women typify noteworthy character and mental toughness in that they are able to withstand the tribulations and tough times during that slavery period (Clinton 50). Clinton has illustrated many specifics in the Plantation Mistress. For example, the matter of cousin marriage has been described in detail. From early in life, cousins had a close association and relationship. This continued even after they separated geographically, and these close relationships continued throughout the life of the cousins. The principal reason for these close associations was that children within the plantations were isolated from the rest of the community, and as they were growing up, they did not meet other people apart from those in their kinship ties (Clinton, 67). This was the same with older ladies, who on ly associated closely with men that were closely related to them. These associations and marriage between cousins had its benefits as it ensured that property and wealth was retained within the family alliance. It further expanded kinship ties between closely related families. Therefore, characters that practiced this form of marriage impress me since they were involved in abnormal affairs, but these affairs were of benefit to them in the end. These characters viewed life as an experience of enriching oneself and ensuring that wealth is retained within the family tree. This may have been viewed as an abnormal thing by the surrounding society, but those who took part in marriage with their cousins did not mind what society did. Whatever they did, they did it to the benefit of their close family members (Gerster & Cords 78). Clinton covers another specific topic in child birth and rearing. Characters especially mothers in the novel greatly celebrated whenever children were born. All f amilies celebrated during this time period, but female babies were discriminated against greatly. Therefore, giving births to a female baby was a disappointment because Southerners who did not have sons were threatened with extinction in their inheritance and family name. Only sons were allowed to carry on with the family traditions and use the family name. However, some women in the novel did not allow to be discriminated by society by virtue of their giving birth to daughters only. These women soldered on despite the prejudicial treatment that they received from the surrounding society (Clinton, 89). Regardless of their mistreatment, these women still managed to raise their female babies until they grew up. To any reader, these women can be regarded as heroes since they managed to weather the storm of gender discrimination and go on with their lives. This is important because currently, gender discrimination is on the rise, and women empowerment by brave women has ensured that pre judicial treatment of women has been toned down. The women that Clinton describes in the novel who managed to soldier on despite the prejudicial society that surrounded them represent the present women who try to advocate for women empowerment so that gender balance is created (Gerster & Cords 84). In the Plantation Mistress, we learn that female education began to rise tremendously toward the end of the eighteenth century. From this, a new nation was born and Southerners and New Englanders promoted education of females in their respective

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