Saturday, August 3, 2019

Stevie Wonder and the Crime-Fighting Werewolf :: Music File Sharing Technology Essays

"Stevie Wonder and the Crime-Fighting Werewolf" As is befitting a student, I have been tasked to write yet another paper, this time on the subject of my choosing that relates to issues in the digital age. As an avid fan of downloading music, I decided to discuss the subject of music file sharing. However, as many readers can attest to, diving headlong into the discussion would be both jarring and boring, and in order to spice up the paper I was assigned to give four of my sources a personality and let them discuss the topic instead of me. What you are about to read is pure fiction, well, actually its fictional non-fiction, or non-fictional fiction. Regardless of what its proper title may be, I hope you find it entertaining and informative, because God knows I tried to make it both. A cheap motel. This quiet, secluded location has been chosen by higher powers, in all likelihood the federal government, to discuss the morality of file sharing. Moses Avalon, Ken C. Pohlman, Jennifer Beauprez, and Lee Bockhorn have been selected to discuss the issue in a calm rational manner. Armed guards have been instructed to shoot the more rambunctious debaters. I have been selected to record the minutes of the meeting, and by "selected" I really mean dragged out of bed, blindfolded, kidnapped, then flown to the site. On one hand that is rather convenient because I was instructed to write a paper on issues concerning the digital age, such as file sharing, and the knowledge obtained from the experience should prove useful to my paper. On the other hand I am a horrible secretary and much of what was said during the ordeal is missing, lost in a haze of boredom. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, and here is my sweet, sweet proverbial lemonade. Moses heads his own conspiracy web site, which surprisingly enough has convincing arguments as well as concrete facts that argue for file sharing. Obviously inspired by the Neo character in The Matrix, he is the living epitome of a hacker. Tall, slovenly, gangly and spectacled; with his leather jacket creaking every time he fidgets. He secretly hopes to be sucked into a virtual world with throbbing techno music and insane martial arts.

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