Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Smart phones effect teenagers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Smart phones effect teenagers - Essay Example These phones provide ideal environment to those young people who want to stay connected to their friends all the time. The public transport that is commonly used and ride provided by the parents to their children has provided good time for children to get connected to social cite by use of Smartphone’s. Some of the effects include teens not sleeping at night due to phone vibration due to text messages, these activates the mind distracting the sleep hence bringing issues of sleep during the day. These have forced many parents to forbid phones during bedtime and homework time. Many school has burned the use of Smartphone’s in class because student will be tempted to open the social sites and sometimes the phone will ring hence causing distraction teaching. The phones has both negative and positive impacts on the teens, this research explains how Smartphone’s have gotten into teens live, their effects, both positive and negative impacts. The article explains that smarthphones has grown from business work tools into addictive devices. Before, the phones was used to check mail and serf the web but right now it has developed into a powerful tool for accessing social websites such as twiteeter and facebook and it has end up having several effects on the children. The article further explains if teenagers requires smarthphones and whether this constant connection and accessibility to these devices are necessary. The book explains how Americans teens use internet as a source of normal socialization through Smartphone’s. It shows and explains the statistics conducted by pew internet in 2000. The survey shows that 91% use internet and social networking sites to stay in touch with friends and 72% use to make plan with friends, all these is done through the Smartphone. The article explains that the use of smarthphones among the teens

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