Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Critical Perspective on Management and Leadership (Indians call Essay

Critical Perspective on Management and Leadership (Indians call centers) - Essay Example In many organizations, the issue of stress has recorded an escalating trend over the years. In this context, therefore, there is a dire need for managers and leaders to come up with effective mechanisms that can alleviate the causative agents of stress in the workplace. Stress has been linked with the ability to reduce job satisfaction, employee involvement and engagement in the workplace and most importantly derails the ability of the organizations to maintain an upward trend of job performance (Elliot, Herbane and Swartz, 2009). Putting this in perspective, it is warranted to argue that critical management and leadership cannot be alienated from the fact that, organizations need to perform their utmost best. In this context, therefore, this essay shall endeavor to highlight the Indian call centers and the repercussions of critical management in the workplace. The essay shall also scrutinize the contributions that critical leadership and management has imposed on the Indian call centers. The implications of critical management on leaders will also be a point that will be put under careful consideration. These two factors will be discussed under the theme of workplace bullying in the Indian call centers. ... To a great extent, the form of bullying that takes shape in this workplace has been accredited to the fact that, the employees have made great attempts to fit in the demanding conditions of the workplace. Workplace bullying according to Oade (2010) has been described as the negative implications that revolve around aggression and hostility in the workplace. If the bullying becomes extreme and persistence, there is a great likelihood that the entire process will be recurrent; thus, cause massive effects on the employees. One of the major reasons behind the predicaments in the workplace is that employees are continually subjected to circumstances in their environments that result into consistent exploitation in the workplace. Indian’s call centers are responsible for employment of a myriad number of people in Indian call centers. The Indian call centers serve a large clientele base, inclusive of the United States of America. Cruz and Noronha (2009) indicate that it is this fact that has led to outsourcing beings a major setback in the operations of the Indian all centers. The employees of Indian call center are not only faced with the challenge of handling Indian’s large clientele base, but also clients from other nations. In the perspective of the development of the country, this can be attributed to the solution towards development, but in the context of employee satisfaction, it can be argued that the workplace is a burden to almost all its employees. In terms of working hours, Cruz and Noronha (2009) argue that the employees in the call centers hardly have time for themselves. A case in point is when the management of the call centre made attempts to come up with

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