Monday, August 12, 2019

Changing Women Body Standards According to Culture Research Paper

Changing Women Body Standards According to Culture - Research Paper Example The 1910s saw the ideal woman’s body depicted from the creation of Charles Gibson with the body type being referred to as â€Å"Gibson girl.† The ideal body, in this case, was tall and slender with a thin waist (London, 2015). The girl had to have a large bust and wide hips. They had to fit perfectly in a super cinched corset, which brought the big bust and narrow waist effect upon the women at this era. â€Å"Her physique was tall and slender but with a buxom bosom and large hips; essentially an 'S' shaped body achieved by wearing a super-cinched corset† (London, 2015). The women at this point were in physically good shape as they were physically active. The 1920s saw the ideal woman’s body referred to as â€Å"flapper.† With the rejection of the Victorian style, the women had minimal breasts (those with large breasts wore tight bras to flatten them some more), appeared more boyish and revealed uncovered arms (Eco, 2010). Their behavior of rebellio n saw them become scandalous, irresponsible and even undisciplined. The 1930s saw the return of the â€Å"curves† and the femininity figure and behavior. The women became more voluptuous with bare shoulders (Bahadur, 2014). The women during this era were much more nourished and this contributed largely to their increase in size. The celebrities were also not slender and they, in turn, embraced the curves giving the regular women reasons to maintain their increasingly curvy figures.

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