Friday, July 26, 2019

The Power Of Identity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

The Power Of Identity - Research Paper Example The Zabaleen are not paid or paid whenever the house owner feel like but somehow it is the only department that has no failures like the rest of the services in Cairo. This is because the Zabaleen perform their duties without fail and at before dawn making the service invisible but very efficient and almost free of charge. Peter Hessler wrote an article titled tales of the trash: a neighborhoodgarbage man explains modern Egypt. It was written as aletter fromCairo on the 13th of October 2014 issue. This paper will discuss six themes observed in the tales of the trash: a neighborhoodgarbage man explains modern Egypt. In addition, the paper will connect the identified themes to the lives of the people in the article. The six themes identifiedare religion, culture, inequality, self-determination, power and ego. This lettertalks about a man named Sayyid Ahmed who is a Zabaleen or garbage collector. He is illiterate and his only job is collecting garbage. He works for efficiently even without pay and thus provide a remarkably efficient recycling service in Cairo. He find many things in his work as a garbage collector and instead of finding out what they are on his own he enlists the help of the people with whom he collects their garbage. He does this because he is illiterate just like many people in Cairo. Furthermore, he has friends in high places who grant him favors when he runs into trouble. He is well mannered and whenever he is aguest somewhere he carries away his empties which are always beer bottles since he knows he will collect them the following day anyway. Thus he is a very curious man who yearns from people who are literate and learned like ambassadors. Religion can be defined as the structured assembly of beliefs that are used as guidance in the lives of human beings(Kunin& Miles-Watson, 2006). Religion is one of the pillars of many people lives in the

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