Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Emergency Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Emergency Management - Assignment Example Some of these measures need proper training depending on the field of emergency management (McEntire, 2007). For instance, bomblast response tends to be totally different from football injury response. The magnitude of a problem calls for more time and a lot of aiding facilities to fasten the EM process. A large scale disaster tends to be very intensive in terms of management hence enough aiding facilities needed to accomplish the whole EM process. An intensive training and exercise is needed to catch up with such high magnitude disasters. All the needed aid facilities are supposed to be ready before a disaster to enhance effective control system. In any disaster or emergency management institution, employees must have the skills to operate machinery and basic knowledge to sport, understand, analyze and understand and respond to any kind of disaster within the institution scope. There are many institutions around the world that respond to different kinds of disasters. Specialization and employee training are vital factors in such institutions bearing the magnitude and high rate of daily catastrophes (McEntire, 2007). The training programs and exercises are meant to deepen employee understanding on proper measures to apply in dealing with different levels of disasters. Good strategies must also be employed to accomplish any EM activity successfully. According to the EM response of Luis Tapia and Matt Feryan, EM exercise and planning takes quite a long time depending on the time frame set by institutional managers or instructors (Dhillon etal, 2012). Minor exercise programs can take up to six months while major ones take close to one year. As per my perception, large scale disaster control programs should take more than one year to enhance proper preparation and catastrophe response tactics. Luis Tapia and Matt Feryan’s response to emergency management in the transcript shows that coordination among EM personnel is

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