Sunday, July 28, 2019

Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton Case Study

Building Capabilities at the Westward Hilton - Case Study Example th the subordinate staff and the managers could work together to better their business performance regardless of their job positions and ranks (Enz, 2010). This results in a better value of customers and positive financial performance in Westward Hilton. Both part time and full time employees were entitled to bonuses according to feedback from customers. This therefore, ensured that employees would do their best to satisfy their customers who in turn will remain loyal to their services. Westward Hilton also enjoys a brand awareness that is very strong and recall on its brand throughout its target market. The company has many brands like Double Tree, Hilton, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts and many other brands that enable it to become popular and have a strong brand loyalty among its customers. In addition to this is the flow of communication within the hotel. According to Enz (2010) eedbacks from quests, employees, head of departments and any other people involved were brought forward to a meeting and discussed to find ways of improving the services offered at the hotel. These advantages have proven to be sustainable to the company. Considering the human resource strategy, its competitive advantage lies on the relationship of employees and management. This is something that will definitely last for a very long time as a culture established among the employees internally. In that case, it will be very difficult for other companies to imitate the strategy. t has enabled the company achieve great financial performance and attract and retain their customers. 2. Any decision that will be made by Peter Green and other stakeholders regarding the sale of Westward Hilton will definitely have consequences. The sell will definitely affect the employees in the hotel. With the unique culture of Westward Hilton, the employees are used to a family business environment with team work. In that case, selling the hotel may make its employees feel that they have been abandoned

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