Friday, June 14, 2019

Why do I want to join the Doctorate (Phd) program for Business Personal Statement

Why do I want to join the Doctorate (Phd) program for Business - Personal didactics ExampleContemporary universities have offered programs in diverse and multidimensional formats that ensure the holistic development of the students. In this regard, I am most enthusiastic and goaded to pursue a Doctorate of Business Administration from Abu Dhabi University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, deemed to fulfill both personal and professional goals. As I was remunerating on the career paths available for business doctorates, I was initially ambivalent from the following options a profession that is purely in academics an endeavor delving into a potentially rewarding career with a global organization or eyeing a combination of a career that balances requirements between academics and consulting for businesses. After careful soul distinct and weighing opportunities in conjunction with personal interests, I have decided on a career that further develops my business acumen in the stadium I am currently in. I am currently the Group CEO of a prominent Real Estate company called Dubai Properties Group since cc and previous to that I worked as the CEO for Tatweer (another Real Estate company in Dubai) from 2006 to 2009. Working in this capacity made me recognize the pauperization to perfect my interpersonal, informational and decisional skills. As CEO, I have intermittently assumed the roles of the taskmaster, mediator, motivator and organizational designer. To expand my perspectives on presiding over the total enterprise, I have recognized the need to pursue higher education focusing on marketing and management to call in the needs of the company, in response to competitive pressures and of changes in diverse factors of the immaterial environment. In this regard, I would particularly be interested into conducting a research on the future directions open to real estate companies given the recent slum the resulted from the financial crisis that was globally entrenched. A potential research study on the problems that continue to besiege real estate companies in our country with the aim of providing strategies to address weaknesses and threats would assist in the improvement of the real estate industry, in general. Pursuant to Abu Dhabi Universitys mission of producing global leaders who understand the challenges of our time and make optimistic contributions to national and global prosperity not limited to educating students but also to transforming the UAE into a vibrant, prosperous and strong nation (Abu Dhabi University Chancellor Welcome, par. 1), I protrude to be an active contributor to the transformation of the real estate industry into a more dynamic and productive sector. My role as a CEO necessitate me to be heavily involved, since 2009, in restructuring the organization, development of a prudent governance framework, corporate governance, development of a strategic 5 year business plan with explicitly defined o rganizational mission, objectives and values. Through pursuing the doctorate degree in business administration, I would be accorded the perfect opportunity to develop insurance making skills and strategic development of plans and prospects that would be deemed significant and crucial in responding to the needs of more sophisticated clientele. As I reviewed the program profile, I was straightaway attracted to its goal of supporting the ability of candidates to develop their knowledge and provide them with a sound understanding of theories in addition to applying them, while helping centers of higher education, consultants and academics specialise in business admin

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