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Macroeconomics Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 words

Macroeconomics - Dissertation ExampleThe Future of US Dollar Still the Preferred International Currency 23 2.2.3. The Future of US Dollar The author of the End 26 2.2.4. The Future of the US Dollar Bretton Woods III or IV? 29 2.3. Some Observations 35 Summary 36 Chapter 3 Findings and Discussion 37 3.0. creative activity 37 3.1. The US Dollar and Its uncontested hegemony as International Money 38 3.2. The Future of the US Dollar The gainsay to the System 40 3.3. The Alternative 42 Chapter 4 Conclusion and Recommendation 43 4.0. Conclusion 43 4.1. Recommendation 44 Chapter 1 Introduction 1.0. Introduction Economic history is the story of the gradual evolution and extension of the economic community from its origin of a single ho practice session acknowledge to encompass the nation and the world. In its current stage, globalisation transforms the relationship among nations, highlighting the greater interdependence and integration among countries in economic activities in particular and all facets of society in frequent (Suarez-Orozco and Qin-Hilliard 2004). The recent global economic meltdown shows how interconnected countries are the financial debacle started as a sub-prime crisis in the United States, but its effect has an regard on the raised global financial fragility. The bubble blew up first in one place and then in another, moving around the populace (Wade 2008, p. 40). ... reserve currency of many countries around the globe reserve-management plays a crucial role in assisting the country during the global economic crisis (Obstfeld and Rogoff 2009). Self-insurance, which means large banal of international reserves in time of stability, may enhance the financial stability of a country. However, in a system in which many countries hold their reserves as their form of liquidity insurance, it has a destabilising effect (Obstfeld and Rogoff 2009). As such, considering the role of US Dollar in todays fiscal system is pivotal in determining and developi ng appropriate national financial policies deem responsive to issues arising during times of financial uncertainties and instability. 1.1. Objectives of the Research Considering the status of US Dollar as the basic international currency, the condition of globalisation and its ensuing interdependence among countries, especially in financial and economic activities and transactions, the following are the objectives of the look into. To understand and examine the role of US Dollar as an international currency. To determine its future role in international monetary system. To discuss the role of US Dollar as an international medium of exchange, as a store of value, an anchor currency in the exchange rate regimes and its use for Invoicing of Exports To validate the use of US Dollar as a primary currency in official foreign exchange reserves and as transaction currency in capital and foreign exchange markets To explore other feasible alternatives to the US Dollar as an internationa l currency 1.2. Research Questions The two primary questions of the research are (1) what is the role of US Dollar in todays international monetary system. In addition, (2) What are the future

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