Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Interactive Video Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Interactive Video - Essay Example on that pointfore, interactive mental picture is technique put, in place, to enable better mathematical function of motion-picture show and film through fundamental interactions since they be blended (Dewdney, 2006). In addition, interactive video involves assorted media, designs that enable interaction, digital culture, cyber-culture and the human use or interaction with the computer. There is also an interaction with other media such as interactive television, video games, ambient intelligence, interactive advertisement and the social media. Logically, the excogitation behind video interaction is the interaction techniques and human use. Therefore, most of engineering with video interaction has an interactive system of computing that meets the concept of human interaction. However, there is no much nub in calling a media interactive because most of these devices have already been enabled to offer interaction with humans. On the other hand, i t is still important because it connotes the identity of technology and practices. Moreover, some like video games are meant to provide ways of entertainment and leisure. Luckily, technology today has made video interaction easier as compared to the past where it need a return path. In summary, interactive video requires interactive technology and the end user who are humans, which has provided leisure activities for children through video games and tracking of geographical places through maps, amongst others and there is a wide assertable future for interactive video. Therefore, this paper provides an investigation of the use of interactive video in media and film, including its signifi peckce and possible future use. Science has been the force behind interactive video. This is because methods that are computable have their influence from science. This includes cybernetics, system theories and autopoesis (LOGAN, 2010 45) which challenge the memory, cognition, emotions, perceptio ns, affection and reason. This means that the human elements are not a major concern to interactive video since it is based on computability. Luckily, interactive video is not just bound to digital video but also other videos like games, printed interactive media and flip books (TAY, 199378). Moreover, the interface that takes place between the user and the medium, in this case video, is what is known as interaction. Therefore, interactive video does not only have to be used through digital video but also other forms of media. In summary, science leads to the public of interactive media. Different technology has been put in use in order to create a successful user interface of interactive media. Notably, the complexity of video interaction depends on the kind of codes used in the creation of the video. This is due to different kinds of programmes that are conceptualized. For example, the javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 technique which are in use, in modern-day day (Mark, 2002109). In addition, creativity has also been another approach towards programming of interactive video. Therefore, the programmes are dependent on the designs of javascript, HTML5 amongst others. As a result, people can interact with the video in relation to the programming. In summary, the creative coding of the interactive video is a form of technique that has been put in use through programmes such as HTML5 and javascript. It is through the concept of interactive media that video games became a reality. It is the computing programmes that one can play video games. This is an appealing concept for children especially during their leisure time as a form of entertainment. Technically, the IMGD 1001 is a process used in the development of games (WOLF, 200832). Its role is to look examine different roles that the participants have in the process development as well as artistic

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