Sunday, June 16, 2019

H.W Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

H.W - Essay ExampleDespite there being so much noise, college education is a worthwhile investment which every person with the necessary passion and ability should strive to acquire.It has been proven to be true and is also a well known fact that graduates from college make more money than their high school peers. A research survey done by The Hamilton learn in October 2012 proved that the returns emanating from college are much better and higher than those from any other investment such as bonds, stocks or real estate. It was further find that the returns from college have continuously been constant for the past three and half decades. This demonstrates that the rising cost has effectively been offset by the gains derived by course holders. For instance a young graduate from college took home $4,000 more every year in the 80s (with inflation adjusted), than someone of the same age without a degree. This figure has build upn to $12,000 every year over the past 3 decades (Greenst one &Looney, 2012).Even though there is solid evidence regarding the lifetime worth of higher education, skeptics are alarmingly pointing to increase cost to strengthen their argument that college is no good investment as it once was. It is of course correct that over the years ,there has been almost 50% rise in college cost(calculations courtesy of National Center for Education Statistics),which could be an overstatement, since this increase in tuition ignores recent financial aid increments. Thus even if the gummed label cost of college may have increased, it is not clear to what extent the cost to students as well as their parents or guardians. College Board certifies that the actual cost of a college degree has remained considerably constant over the past one and half decades.This therefore means that investing in a 4 year degree still continues to be a worthwhile undertaking for the average person. Statistics from the US workers indicate that there are numerous benefits

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