Monday, May 20, 2019

Words of Encouragement

Patrick Draughn Words of Encouragment From the outgoing class of 2012 to the incoming class of 2013 we would like to say congratulations to you all, you made it. It has been a long and the finish line is gradually approaching. This upcoming year will be the best and worst quantify s of your high give instruction experience. There will be times when you cant wait to get to school to surface off your new fishing rig or to attend radicalcoming week. There will to a fault be times where school is just not where you want to be today and your body will go but your mind stays at home.These times will come and these times will go but the unrivalled thing you must immortalize is not to go out why you come to school. Do not forget why you are attending high school. Dont forget active the test on Monday because you were out with your friends this weekend and didnt feel like studying. Dont forget about the paper due next week because you were too busy deciding what to get Brittany or bobby something for their birthday. Dont be late to class because you couldnt decide what to wear with your fresh outfit or what accessories will match your dress.No this is not the time to slack off now is not the time to conduct the infamous virus known as ageditis. Now is the time to focus on your studies, fleet your way through the path to graduation, and if you decide start figuring out what college you would like to attend if you oasist clear-cut already. To the prospective college students now is definitely not the time to get behind on your studies but to get a study designing started. Trust me it will be a necessity. I know there will be times where you feel like giving up and wanting to quit.Ive been there, Ive been up all night typing papers and having to get up at the pick of dawn the next morning for class. Ive been beaten up in practice and having to come home to chores, siblings, and homework. I had the job where you had to work on weekends and homework was due Mondays instead of Wednesdays. I never tell the avenue to graduation was easy but I promise it will be worth it, and later that road ends many more roads will begin to form. Its always sage to plan your next destination and whether it may be college, military, workforce, or etc. make sure youre qualification the right decision for yourself and no one else.You take hold control of your own destiny. I remember my senior year I was commander of the entire ROTC at my high school, captain of two sports teams, and I also had a job. Although there were times when giving up felt like the easiest thing to do I had to sit back and think was it the RIGHT thing to do. I received many rewards honor roll, medals, raze a state championship ring so its say to say I have accomplished many things throughout my high school experience but my biggest achievement was walking crosswise that stage looking my principal in his face and shaking his hand while he gave me my diploma.I knew that I was fi nally finished everything was complete. I remember sitting down with my grandmother who is is a big govern on my life. We sat down and talked about college she told me how no one in our family has ever been to college and if I decided to go id be the very first. That was more than enough motivation for me to choose the right path for me so hopefully the right path for you students will be easy as well. In choosing your path I want you to remember one thing that my grandmother always told me.My grandmother was a very wise woman and although we had many conversations I never remember them all but I do remember that specific conversation over the rest because she told me something that has been engraved in my mind ever since that night. She said great deal can take a lot of things from you money, cars, clothes, homes, even your life but theres one thing no one will never be able to take from you and thats your education. So to the upcoming senior class of 2013 I say good luck congrat ulations and may your road or path guide you to your destiny.

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