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Deaths of Mickey and Edward in Willy Russells Blood Brothers :: Russell Blood Brothers Death Essays

Deaths of Mickey and Edward in Willy Russells Blood BrothersAnd do we blame superstition for what came to pass? Or could it be what we, the English, get hold of came to know as class?Blood Brothers is a play set in Liverpool, Willy Russell wrote it in1983. Willy Russell has wrote plays based in Liverpool because this iswhere he was brought up as a kid in a working class family, BloodBrothers relates to this and aspects of class that he would haveexperienced when he lived there. Willy Russell grew up just after-school(prenominal)Liverpool, he left school when he was only 15 to become a hairdresser,it was in his early twenties when he decided to go corroborate to school andtake his O levels. His plays were about everyday circumstances and hisportrayal of life then. In this essay I intend to find out the rationalnessfor Mickey and Edwards deaths, whether it was superstition or class,I forget evaluate both of the possible causes and how they are usedwithin the play, then I will have to make a conclusion to which sideof the argument proves to be the correct one.The main sources of superstition revolve around Mrs Johnstone becauseshe is the character who believes that when certain things happenconsequences will unfold due to this. Willy Russell points thesesuperstitious events out to the audience, by using one of thecharacters to mention this or a song will be used to presentation somethingsuperstitious happening. At these stages in the play he is alreadyasking the audience whether they believe in superstition.The first incidence of superstition comes at the set out after theopening song this is when the audience finds out that Mrs Johnstoneis superstitious and that superstition may appear later in the play.Mrs Lyons enters Mrs Johnstones house and then there is a stagedirection saying that Mrs Lyons puts her new shoes on the table, MrsJohnstone replies to this angrily Jesus Christ, Mrs Lyons, what arey trying to do? At the bottom of the page where this happen s the teller says Theres shoes upon the table an a joker in the pack,the salts been spilled and the looking glass cracked, theres one lonemagpie overhead. The narrator is giving us examples of superstitions.Here he is trying to hint that something bad is going follow becauseof the shoes upon the table. After this it is possibly significantthat she claims not to be superstitious three times, three is meant tobe a lucky number but in her case it is unlucky because the

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