Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The True Coward in The Odyssey

In the Odyssey by Homer there is a motiveful soldier by the name of Odysseus who has just win the Trojan War. After he returns home he sees what tribulation the suitors have put upon his family. His family consists of his wife Penelope and his give-and-take Telemokhos. Telemokhos last hears after a coupling years how upset his generate is ab step up the suitors trying take in her heart from Odysseus. Telemakhos decides he must stand up to the suitors in honor of his receive. Even though Telemakhos is jump to take reinforcement of the situation his arrest has shown him, he is still very cowardly. \nTelemakhos is realizing the power he poses. Telemakhos is helping his father kill the suitors when Telemakhos tells his father to allow one mans life. In this turn Odysseus says Courage; my son has remove you out and saved you./ (421, groove 418). In this quote, Odysseus believes his son has the akin amount of courage as he does. Telemakhos stood up to his father and w hat he believed was the right amour to do. In the quote Odysseus uses the devise dug By axiom this it could mean one of cardinal things. He could mean he dug him out of Odysseus hatred, or it could mean that Telemakhos has dug Medon out of all the suitors and chosen him to spare. Odysseus feels worry he cannot let his son down by not saving Medon. Telemakhos starting to sustain the power he in reality possesses. His father also starts to authorise this, and take to bes his choices and follows them as well. \nTelemakhos is starting to use his power to a greater extent than. When Odysseus says nonplus it to heart, and pass the word on:/ fair dealing brings more profit in the end. it says that Odysseus believes everyone should subsist that his son is now more powerful. Pass the word along, shows that Odysseus wants different mass to start to realize that Telemokhos isnt a baby anymore. He is coming to power and Odysseus wants them to realize it. He wants people to fear him but respect him at the same term for saving th...

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