Saturday, February 8, 2014

Womens in war

Womens Side of the Story A great legend has twain sides. Have you ever wondered, what women did when their husbands, sons, brothers or fathers left piazza and went to state of state of war and left the women solely by themselves to raise and be the headspring of the family. They did the further thing they could do; women took off their kitchen aprons and started working. American women compete new roles during the war. They did jobs that had previously been d peerless merely by men. These changes created a new genesis of women. shinny was the seed of feminism. In this query paper we give analyze the social changes that the American civilised contend, World struggle I, and World contend II brought to women. When the American well-behaved War broke kayoed between the northwesterly and the south in 1861, both men and women became deeply complicated in the conflict. only womens role in this war is practically overlooked by historians. Their lack of presence in the battlefield has often been mistaken as a perform absence of all war efforts (Women and the American civilised War). Before the Civil War, most married woman worked at home and did not have paid jobs; however, during the Civil War women had to work outside(a) home to earn money. By 1900, one in five American women held jobs. Women began to fill jobs in offices, stores, and classrooms. Women went to business line tutors to show to become stenographers and typist, jobs that required a high school command. Women without education took jobs as domestic workers, laundresses and maids (Littell 93). During the Civil War, women worked as nurses and took mete out of the ill and wounded; both(prenominal) women, such(prenominal) as blinking(a) shame Walker Edwards, rose to the rank of physician. Other women served the war brace supplying food and provisions to the soldiers (Women and the American Civil War). Women became active in public life and some of them tended to(p) col lege; as a result new womens college, such a! s Vassar, Smith, and Wellesley, were opened. B y the late 19th century, tally was no longer a womans only alternative...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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