Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lost Sister By Cathy Song

Lost Womanhood in Lost SisterIn Lost Sisters Cathy melody uses various poetic elements to highlight the conditions of the traditional Chinese missy in the traditional set up and contrasts it with an immigrant child afield . It is a tale of two generations of Chinese women now disjointed by an ocean in between , but they befool the same bondage - their existence as non-enti compels . Beneath the school differences in their life style their unavoidableness has not changed which is express in the last verse the unremitting space of your anarchy The study may further be extended if we leave alone the lightless glass ceiling that exists almost everywhere Women argon occupied in the struggle for survival from birth to devastation . scour when a few unfearing Chinese girls hold to emigrate for a dispel life the y continue to recognise in an invisible cage which connectednesss them down to subsistence level . In acrimony of the apparent freedom and scope of choice of kick the put and the lack of sex discrimination , they are haunted by a the loneliness /can strangulate like hobo camp vines The urban cosmopolitan life nourishes their soul no breach than the rustic simplicity of their indigen Chinese villageIn Part i of the poem the poet makes it clear that she is aware of the physical as muscular as the mental bondage of Chinese women . In mainland chinaware /even the skinflints encourage small feet in tea add size shoes for women and thereby restrict their movement and tie them to their native place . Psychologically , they are conditioned to extend that patience is a great virtue and They never leave home /To move freely was a luxury . direct to the educated generations it is obvious that such tradition only developmentally challenged their growth and facilitated only male members They spend greater part o! f their life in domestic activities . Part Two deals with the chivalric Chinese girl who has emigrated to America for a better need but hardly has achieve her goal : a sis /across the ocean / who relinquished her name and replaced the fag grand stone with the blue of the Pacific suffer from the meager victual and sentiments and nostalgia of fermented rootsJade ?the stone that in the far fields /could moisten the humorous season Cathy Song has used effective figures of speech to transport to pass the right strain and convey the mood . The stagnation and futility of peasant women s life is described with nature imagery : as inactive as the rooted willow / as spare as the farmyard hens . She also uses a vivid metaphor to advert women s mapping to quiet the demonsthe noisy stomachs which implies how women are sacrificed for the survival of the familyThe sour atmosphere of the American city is portrayed as a thin householdin a forest of nightless cities which is far removed from their native jade green environment . In the midst of spewing discolour clouds in the kitchen and the mysterious activities of the dough faced landlords they look linchpin to China in quest of...If you want to get a upright essay, order it on our website:

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