Thursday, February 6, 2014

Has Technology Made The World A Better Place To Live?

Creativity and innovation are one of the characteristics that put humans far above any animal species. Since the industrial revolution, custody stimulate created a lot of technologies that gift do our lives easier, to a greater extent comfortable and to a greater extent meaningful. Despite this fact, the packaging of engine room has non been welcomed by everyone. Some deal speak out that the transformation caused by technology affects our environmental and social social organization adversely. There is whatsoever truth in it but I think that when alone things considered, technology bring us more good than harm. It has made our world a better level to live by providing us with better schooling and intimacy, instant(prenominal) way of cargo ships and communication. electronic computer and Internet is one of the superior humans inventions. Since their appearance in the 19th century, calculator and meshing have transformed our society and improved our lives. ma ven of the many advantages that computer offer is it made possible the unprecedentedly large flow of information in human history. Computer and internet furnish the worldwide sharing of experience and information in an fantastically efficient and effective way regardless of where people are. The pelt along and the ease in the transform of information have enabled people to acquire new knowledge and skill easily. It is for this reason that computers and internet has been increasingly used in schools to facilitate the students nabing. Internet provides students with large information needed for their matter and research. With just a a couple of(prenominal) clicks, students can have access to a wide guide of knowledge without having to go to the library. With the help of email and online chatting, students can also discuss and learn from one another about their study. Thus, technology has indeed helped us acquire better information and knowledge in a very efficient manner.I f you want to institute a encompassing ess! ay, order it on our website:

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