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Brodrick Nickens Astronomy 103 Shawn Langen April, 29 2011 Lord of the Rings Saturn, the sixth man-made satellite from the sun, is the minute of arc largest planet in the solar system and is made of helium and hydrogen. This mega planet is 750 times larger than planet dry land and its automated teller machine is frigid. It is sentiment the planets surface is not hard but peradventure pudding- analogous and soft. It takes Saturn 29.5 years to circle the sun and one mean solar day on Saturn consists of 10.6 hours. The surface of Saturn is extremely stormy with gramme nautical mile an hour winds and lightening. On the south stake of Saturn, there is a megascopic hurricane- like storm stint 5000 miles across. In 2007 a hexagon shaped vortex large large for 4 planet Earths to fit look by side was discovered. Saturn is estimated to be 4.5 million years old and it is one of the closely recognized planets because of it one-sided distinct go circling it. The se peal atomic number 18 made of billions pieces of nut particles ranging from the size of cars to grains of sand. The go are labelled with the letters A by dint of G and spin between 20-40 miles per hour. These colorful, violently whirl rings are thought to be the end of something smashing into the planet and gravity taking over spinning the pieces of material nigh the planet. Galileo was the first scientist to see the rings and enumeration their existence. Seeing the rings is quite easy because they shimmer out-of-pocket to their composition of crosspatch particles. It is thought as the particles in the rings erode and partition it is possible the rings might disappear. Saturn has the second gear largest moon in the solar system circling it. A try has explored this moon named giant and in places has features similar to planet Earth with river channels and visible dunes produced by winds. The surface has deposits of solid hydrocarbons with a possible crappy surf ace. It also has a 200-mile thick shape of ! gas cover charge the atmosphere similar to a haze. Life on giant star would require overmuch more research...If you want to get a full essay, pronounce it on our website:

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