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`there Is A Danger That `convergence` Will Become A Buzzword, Thrown Around Casually In Discussions Of Media, Technology And Journalism, With Different Participants Using The Same Word To Mean Different Things`(gordon, 2003:57). Examine The Different Mea

There is a danger that Convergence will receive a buzz pass develop , thrown about casually in discussions of media , engine room and journalism , with different participants use the same word to mean different things (Gordon , 2003 :57 . check the different meanings of cross focus that have been proposed , and consider which form of convergence is the most prodigious for the time to come of new mediaAccording to Gordon the terminal figure convergence hails from science and mathematics , further the Oxford dictionary has mentioned that the word has been used in 17 /18th century to rate the speed of sound and clock the interval in legislation fire . He mentions that in the 21st century incorporated origination convergence has been utilize in variety of way ranging from mergers of corporations to technological breach ment or marketing efforts which makes it meaning quite confusingIn biology convergence is a meant an observance tendency of living forms which be unrelated phylogenetically . In simple words it is a mechanism built by nature for animals and plants , when faced with a problem , they develop solution . The same term has been employ in the twentieth century for various political and political economy systems (US and Soviet systems maculation in the 1960s and 1970s it has been utilise in computers and applied science gave it new meaning . The stretch of computer eon also provided the understanding to store and chance information over the interlock . This transport allowed news and texts to be delivered electronically . This term was bring forward affirmed with the arrival of internet in 1990s and it was predicted that innovation Wide mesh is one grand system reservation convergence an chance(a) wordThere have been more predictions of digital age and science fiction s surroundings all of which have not arrive! d to that extent , but in the past one decade the world has changed enormously . For deterrent archetype the success of Apple Mp3 player is its convergence making speech sound (data ) portable Similarly the online libraries arrival was inconceivable a some eld agone but right away it s operative . It is true that the real convergence of applied science has not interpreted place due to several limitations such as laggard internet connections , complex interface and expensive technology , but things are access up . One study change is the arrival of digital TV which arrived sooner than ulterior . For example mobile phone added with cameras , media players and other accessories all synchronized together , an idea unthinkable a few years ago . Today tuner communion is becoming to a great extent widespread than the tradition mediumThe US wireless dialogue joining has mentioned that the US wireless has generated US 118 million in 2004 with 3 .6 million jobs directly de pendent on wireless communication which will rise up further in coming decade . This and many other possibilities exists in media technology especially after the arrival of cheaper VOD and 2 ways TV or mobile TV or interactive TV for future portable devices , there will be great desegregation and convergence among various media . There are many implications for media technology . For example gamming industry is looking forward to piddle to a greater extent realistic...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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