Friday, January 24, 2014

About Pilipino

When a powerful and highly civilized community comes in contact with a barbaric and isolated batch, who have til instantaneously advanced many steps on the road of progress, it would of break away be thought that the superior and conquering race would first step to collect and place on record information concerning much(prenominal) people: their manners, customs, language, religion, and traditions. Unfortunately, in the case of the Spanish conquests of the XVI century, that nation appears never to have considered it a duty to attain take to posterity any detailed description of the singularly evoke races they had vanquished. As it was with the Gaunches of the Canaries, the Aztecs of Mexico, and the Quichuas of Peru, so was it with the Chamorro of the Ladrones, and the Tagalog-Bisayan tribes of the Philippines. The same vandal spirit that prompted the conquistadores to destroy the Maya and Aztec writings in any case moved them to demolish the written records of the Phi lippine natives, and still if fewer attempts were made to preserve relics or information concerning them. The Spanish priests, as the lettered men of those times, were the persons we should look to for such a work, yet in their religious ardor they thought only of the oppression and conversion of the natives, and so, with the sword in one hand and crucifix in the other, they marched through that fair land ignoring and destroying the evidences of a opposed semi-civilization which should have been to them a study of the deepest interest. Fortunately, however, there were a few in that period who were interested in such matters, and who wrote accounts of the bow of culture of the islanders of that early date. Some of these MSS. have been preserve in the archives of Manila and have lately attracted the fear of Spanish scholars. Such is the article from which the greater part of these notes is taken. In the lot for 1891 of the Revista Ibero-Americana, published at Madrid, there appeared a serial of text file contribute! d by the...If you want to get a blanket(a) essay, order it on our website:

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