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The Role Of Religious Leaders Of Catholic

NameInstructorClassDateThe Role of Religious Leaders of CatholicI . IntroductionCatholic church , popularly do it as roman Catholic Church , is the spherewide confabulation of Christians united in doctrine and worship infra the pontiff - bishop of capital of Italy and Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church papistical Catholics reckon that Jesus Christ laid the foundation for their church service mental synthesis service , and that it provides the best possible means of achieving salvation . They intrust that their faith has the full system of truths , laws , and practices for worship of God (Aveling 1999This discusses the region of the Catholic leaders and be comp bed to Islam , Christian and Jewish leadersII . BackgroundA . Organization of Catholic ChurchThe HierarchyThe hierarchy is the organization of the rank s and s of the clergy in grades . The term commonly refers to the system of centralized organisation of the church , including , in the mountain range of command , the pope cardinals , patriarchs , bishops , and early(a) prelatesA priest is any official minister empowered to observe the mass and administer the sacraments . Monsignor is a title of distinction indicating pompous recognition for services to the church . Priests atomic number 18 addressed as father . Unordained members of religious s argon addressed as brother or sister A man who performs the duties of a priest except for jubilance of the voltaic pile and administration of the sacrament of penance is called a deacon (Bossy , 2005Papal GovernmentThe pope is the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and formula of the Vatican city State . He is elected by the College of Cardinals , which is in entree serves as an advisory council . The pope is also advised on church matters by a synod of bishops . In church administration he is assisted by ! the Curia Romana (Roam Court , which consists of the secretariat of commonwealth , the sacred council for the public affairs of the church , and various congregations , secretariats , tribunals , and offices that daintiness church administration . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The pope s chief assistant is the secretarial assistant of state , whose most important duty is to negotiate with civilized governments (As a sovereign state , the Vatican exchanges diplomatic representatives with many countries (Carmody , 2005Territorial OrganizationMost of the orbit is organized into dioceses , or sees , to each one headed by a bishop . Dioceses are grouped into church provinces , or archdioceses each under an archbishop . more mission territories in Africa and elsewhere are prefectures papal and are under church officials called prefects apostolic . Dioceses are dissever into parishes , each served by at least one priest servicesMost Catholics drop dead to what is called the Hesperian church am use the Latin , or Roman , rite (ritual , which traditionally was in Latin further since the sulphur Vatican Council (1962-1965 ) has also been in modern languages . The pope is patriarch of the WestOther Catholics are eastern Catholic churches , commonly called Eastern Rite or Uniat churches . These churches once were part of various Eastern Orthodox bodies but have affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church . The eastern rites have their own liturgies , canon law , and usance . For simulation , the...If you want to get a full essay, severalise it on our website: m

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