Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Living In a Small Town

Phuong Nguyen ESL 186-TTh Nov. 06, 2009 E1/Final Pack Disadvantages of Living in Small Towns 29 splendid countries buzz off the lowest average income over $70 per day. On the opposite hand, Vietnam, one of the developing countries, has more or less small townsfolks where volume earn only $2 per day or some maybe worse. Rural aras ill-defined economy leads to the government reject investors to these places. This fact creates a braggart(a) gap between urban and rural populations. In other words, rural tidy sum work with three outrages: they wear no modern in engineering science, spiritedness conveniences, and adequate government. wiz disadvantage of rural sight is that they blistering without modern in technology. They have never thought about possessing either a Sony laptop or a prison cell phone. Their incomes are several bucks a day. Thanh Phu is an example.  It is a small town in Ben Tre city, Vietnam. Thanh Phu has more than 70 percentages of people gr owing mite rice, save this cultural feature has affected their lives strongly. On the average, distributively farmer earns two dollars per day. Low income leads to a lack of present-day(a) technology. As an illustration, people do non have the kitchen machines at home such(prenominal) as a refrigerator, an oven, or a microwave. If they need ice, they have to go two kilometers away.
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If they need the oven, they moldiness use colly to build it up. Furthermore, electricity is not furnish in their houses. tidy sum use candles and oil lighten ups instead of light bulbs. Obviously, they have no a television. Rural people do not have a phone because the phon! e angle is equalize to their $2 incomes per month. Outside of home, there are some people who have cell phones, for fees are higher 5 clock than the homes phone. Lack of modern technology is an reason for illustrating the disadvantage of living in small towns. An increment disadvantage of rural people is the inconveniences of their daily lives. Small towns are the argument picture of large cities. The cities have the convenient applications of...If you deficiency to catch a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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