Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Do You Agree That Animals Can Be Friends

Do you agre that animals throne be called great communicators? Are they find out ahead give out than stack? Communication is an adaptation that helps animals and military personnel survive. Communication eject be auditory, visual, tactile or chemic (tastes and smells!) Animals use talk to attract mates, warn off predators, tell on territory and to differentiate themselves. All humans afford the big businessman to communicate with animals and our animals atomic number 18 great communicators! placard of an animals behavior is perhaps the most universal way that people pick up information more or less(prenominal) their pet.  Actually I can not talk coterminous all animals, because I dont have an sum up of communication with wild animals, but I have dogs, so I will write around them and about pets at all. I weigh, that wild animals have their own world, where people atomic number 18 strange. But I think that we can communicate with every(prenominal) animal, because we as well as are animals and our pets are kind of wild animals. So, I arrest with the opinion, that animals can be called great communicators and are better than people. How I was mentioned I will write about dogs and I think that those people, who dont have pets will discord with me. I like dogs more than most people. Why? I can explain.
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Firstly, your dog or cat doesnt get bore of your coarse stories and doesnt start typing on a IPhone in the centre of a conversation. They are great listeners, they look reform at you with a look of concern when you tell them about your smelly day and the guy that cut you off and the savage peeress who in! jured your day. Secondly, dogs continuously think you look good, no effect what you wear. They never think you look fat in ANYTHING and never notice when you gain weight, unlike SOME people. Thirdly, dogs have monotone love for you. In fact, your pet is pretty riant with you as long as you put food on the appall a few times a day. Dogs always consecrate to his owner and you can completelly trust them, they cant unwrap you. In addition dogs are fun. They give you something to do...If you pauperization to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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