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Nose- external n areticuloendothelial system- nostrils divided by penurious septum- internal nares- hoo-hah to nasopharynx- unsaid palate- separates oral/nasal cavities- soft palate- posterior to impenetrable palate- nasal conchae- projections of nasal cavity that cause turbulence in diffuseflow- effects on humidity temp, filtration, olfactory sense- cilia- sweap mucous and bear particles into pharynx Pharynx- shared chamber- respiratory and digestive nasopharynx, oropharynx, and larynopharynx Larynx- epiglottis- prevents food from ledger entry the glottis- thyroid cartilage- adams apple- ericoid cartilage- posterior support-both treasure above Sound- ludicrous vc- protect elastic true vocal cords Pitch- length, width, and focus Volume- nip of song Aomplification and resonance within pharynx, oral and nasal cavities and sinuses Words- organize by tongue, lips, and cheeks Trachea- windpipe is tough flexible subway support by 20 trached cart. (C shaped rings splay to esophagus) Bronchi- elemental secondary tertiary and quaternary and quaternary Bronchioles- tender-hearted annoying controls constriction and dilation of bronchioles Alveolar ducts open to alveolar sacs to alveoli do of simple squamous epith. 150 million Alveolar macrophages- engulfing spread and particles- wetter reduces surface tension within the alveoli to keep them amplify in exhal Squamous epith of a- basement mem- endoth cap Lungs- right 3 lobe leave 2 lobe- apex superior, base on diaphram- mediastinal surf cardiac strait Pleural Cavities- parietal pleura (covers rib cage) & visceral pleura (covers lungs) are persisting & separated by pleura- reduce frict. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All c   ustom essays are written by professional wri!   ters!
Step 1- pulmonic ventilation- air into and out Step 2- Gas dispersal crossways res membrane Step 3- Storage and transport of O and carbonic acid gas Step 4- Exchange of O and CO2 between linage Pneumothorax- puncture of pleura lining calm down breathing- inhalation contraction, ex passive- constrained breathing- both inh exh prompt Tidal volume- amount of air in and out during adept cycle- Expiratory reserve volume- voluntarily expelled at end of cycle- inspiratory Reserve Volume- taken in above the tidal V Vital Capacity=IRV+ERV+TV RV-raminaing air subsequently ERV alveoli no collapse MV- air after pneumothorax Nitrogen 78.6% Oxygen 20.8% urine vapor .5% CO2 .04% Parital pressure- porpotion of get atmosph press Determines rate of diffusion PN2+P02+PH20+PCO2=760mg 98.5% of oxygen is bound to hemoglobin- cut O content of tissue, change magnitude temp, and decreased pH the much O2 is released by Hb plasma transport- 7% hemoglobin binding- c arbaminohemoglobin 23% carbonic acid ormation- atomic number 11 bicarbonate- NaHCO3 is formed in plasma 70% rate of cellular exchange=rate of capillary tube delivery and remotion= rate of O2 asorption and CO2 excretion respiratory rate= # breaths per min- medulla oblongata oblongata controls RRC- insiratory center(active during quiet)- expiratory center(active only forced breathing) If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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