Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The new-fangled US struggle with Iraq croup be considered as an act to accomplish the unfinished order of business of the US , of apprise the conquest direct or direct , of strategic regions of the intimacy domain . That the US possessed such ambition has been turn stunned by unlike earlier contends such as Vietnam struggle and the recent Iraq contend . In to interfere in the philia atomic number 99 , the US needed a wile , which it could obtain in the form of September 11 , 2001 attack . It has been argued by a scholar that this screwing be considered as the `new drop cloth Harbor (Griffin , 2004 ) It is good known to the students of history that the `old cliff Harbor possibility compelled the seemingly reluctant US contend leading to get in the Second World War finally leading to atomic bomb attack on t he Japanese cities . Similarly , in the present era , an attempt was make by the US to perpetuate its superiority by committing various war crimes in the form of encouraging wars between nations and impede in the pretext of establishing orb peace and solidarity . Various scholars concord criticized such a role played by the US . Recently , more evidences commence been culled out to testify the agenda of the US leaders and deliberate execution of plans leading to the enfolding of the US in various some other countries of the human beings including Iraq . In the recent eld , the US has been involved in voltage conflict with Iran and north Korea based on the argument that they have been emerging as major nuclear powers and in that location is a risk of these countries using nuclear power for violent purposes . In this strive an attempt will be made to show that during the charge Second World War period , the US has been succeeding(a) a deliberate policy of expanding i ts domination oer other parts of the world .! This was made possible with the get out of the Soviet Union .
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After the end of the cold war , it was thought that an era of peace and world solidarity had emerged as at that place was no major threat to world peace . This article of belief has been belied with the beginning of confrontation of the US with Iraq , Iran , and North Korea . In the ideal of Iraq , it has been proved that there was no Weapon of Mass ravaging (WMD ) in the region disproving the earlier contention that Iraq had threatened world peace and security . The US has unnecessarily participated in this war and thereby complicated the world p olitical situationOne argument of the scholars who get the US policy before and after the September 11 (2001 ) attack is that US administration s complicity in this event can be noticed . This is proved by the fact that US administration did not take immediate action in to stop the terrorists from causing huge damage . This has been considered as a deliberate attempt to find the reason to begin the ensuant of attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq based on the argument that these regions had supported Muslim militant...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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