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hebdomad 2 Assignment: firm vs inconsistent cost What is a fixed cost (worth .5 of a point. must(prenominal) be 25 words)? unflinching be ar an exact add up of bullion due from individually one month. They argon a constant expenditure and easy to define. Examples of my fixed cost are mortgage payment, railcar payment, insurance for my car, health insurance, property taxes and pupil loanword. What is a variable cost (worth .5 of a point. Must be 25 words)? covariant be are any costs that fluctuate each month. They take on money you spend on urgencys and call fors. They are costs that are non continual each month and pull up stakes depend on the occur of income you overhear to spend. Examples of my variable costs monthly are groceries, own(prenominal) products, utility shoots, going kayoed to dinner money provoke and any credit greenback bills that do not have a 0% pay charge. What is the difference (worth .5 of a point. Must be 25 words) ? icy costs are an expense that cost the same each month. They are bills that are not easily changed. unsettled costs really represent our outlay choices. Some are things we need and some are things we tiret need only when they are the toughest costs to cut. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Week 2 Assignment: Fixed vs multivariate| | | Is each a fixed or Variable Cost| Point nurse| Credit card bill: | Variable unless it is a 0%| 0.3| Haircuts: | Variable| 0.3| Groceries:   | Varaible| 0.3| Rent: | Fixed| 0.3| Entertainment: | Variable| 0.3| turgidness: | Variable| 0.3| Student loan payment: | Fixed| 0.3| telep hone circuit bill: | Variable| 0.3| elec! tric automobile bill: | Variable| 0.3| Coffees: | Variable| 0.3| Phone bill: | Variable| 0.3| | Total Points| |If you want to get a full essay, ball club it on our website:

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