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Western Civilization I

The Protestant reclamation was one of the bulkyest events in put down and the most important event of the 16th coke . It emerged as a result of widespread dissatisfaction with the perform on only levels of europiuman society . First , for the many devout Catholics , the step-up emphasis on rituals within the Church seemed to be a hindrance to their search for a salvation that was more individualized . randomness , the papacy itself had lost and was losing a great flock of its influence over the people because of an increase tendency toward secularization . In other words , popes and bishops were acting more alike(p) kings and princes than they were the phantasmal guides of European men and women (Kreis , 2006 . The secularization was evident in the great wealth and possessions popes were amassing , as well as in the ir get and selling of high ecclesiastical positions and indulgencesBecause of the corruptness of its leaders , the Church was unable to deal with the Protestant rehabilitation when it wee Europe panoptic-tilt However , other aspects prevented them from dealing with the Protestant renewal as well . First , the Church had dealt with legion(predicate) appearances of heretical teachings since the 12th century , as well as from numerous mystics claimed they had been fillight-emitting diode with an national light that assured them salvation . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Second was the appearance of nominalism which hard-pressed only believing in thing s that were concrete and real three was the! rejection of the Christian cin one casepts by the Renaissance able case of humanism . Fourth was the breakdown of feudalism , which light-emitting diode to the exploration of the New World , which in turn to led to a focus on more secular issues much(prenominal) as gaining wealth and material possessions . Finally , there was an change magnitude knowingness of ethnicity and nationalism , as well as increased desegregation of power by European monarchs over their brilliance . totally these factors served to diminish the power the papacy , and the Church , once held . In the end the Protestant Reformation did what many musical understructure could never happen : it forever split Christianity apartKries , Steven (2006 . The History live on : Lectures on Early Modern European History-Lecture3 : The Protestant Reformation HistoryGuide .org . Retrieved May 08 2008 fromhttp /www .historyguide .org /earlymod /lecture3c .htmlPAGEPAGE 1...If you want to get a safe essay, order it on our website:

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