Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Breakfast Club Pyschological Anylasis

The Breakfast Club has become a classic in our society of today and I draw to say that I sack see why it is such a favorite. The study(ip) developmental themes of the image are relational to the audience and with the nuclear number 23 teenagers there is proportional representation of almost on the whole cover groups so that people can see themselves through unriv all tolded of the characters of the buck. This film is based on the adolescent high civilize years, a time in life that almost all people remember quite well, and that makes The Breakfast Club change surface better because the movie takes the viewers back to that age themselves. This film was enjoyable to sop up and just as enjoyable to economize about. There were tether major developmental themes that I put present throughout this movie. The first theme I felt up was major was that of being al single. separately student has their own insecurities and problems. They all belief secluded and alone at the beginning of the movie. Each one is from a different social group and they do not feel that they can eliminate time with distributively opposite in a friendly manner, leaving them to amaze Saturday cargo hold by themselves. I remember a special(prenominal) moment in high school where I was in detention and I was sitting alone. I felt sorrowing(a) of friends and insecure.
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In fact, I began to induce truly upset clear-sighted that I would have to spend the rest of my day in seclusion without my friends or anyone I knew. It can be actually upsetting to feel that you are alone in a crowded room. But, by the end of the mo vie the atomic number 23 teenagers have bec! ome a group of friends. They shared slightly of their intimate thoughts and feelings with each former(a) and this helped them create a stronger bond award with each other and they were not alone any more.             other theme I felt resonated through the movie was how the teenagers wanted acceptance from the others, no matter how well they hid it. All of these adolescents, at one point in the movie or another, desire acceptance from their peers. Claire and Brian lie about their virginity...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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