Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Here argon my notes for calendar week twain discussions. This may be of economic aid to you in organizing your notes for the exam. satisfy feel free to immerse anything you feel will help you or your classmates. Use this to blear sure that in that respect are no gaps in your connectedness base. 1.Two sample possibleness interrogation a.Importance of censorious witness and p-values in finding making b.Define the expiration between autarkical and dependent samples c.Test of two existences self-directed samples 1) world sectionalization known a)Use the z-statistic b)Follow the system testing process c) make up the findings 2)Population partition unknown a)Use the t-statistic b)Follow the hypothesis testing process c) generate the findings d.Test of two connect populations dependant samples 1)Use the paired t-test 2)Follow the hypothesis testing process 3)date the findings e.Test of two population proportions 1)Use the z-statistic 2)Follow the hypothesis testing process 3)Interpret the findings 2.Analysis of partitioning (ANOVA) a.Testing more than two samples b.As centreptions of ANOVA 1)normally distributed populations 2)Random samples from populations 3)Equal variance of populations c.
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ANOVA formula 1)SST = sum of squares total 2)SSC = sum of squares column (treatment) 3)SSE = sum of squares error d.F distribution 1)Determining if a exit exists among groups 2)Importance of critical values and p-values e.Completely disarrange cast (One-way ANOVA) 1)Determining if a discrimination exists between groups 2)Interpret the findings a)If it is ascertain that there is a difference among marrow, determine which means are different. b)Determine the import to the research decision if it is hardened that there is no difference among means f.Randomized block g.Factorial design (Two-way ANOVA) 1)Interaction effects 2)Applications Here are my notes for week 3 (see prior(prenominal) post). 1.     mental hospital to...If you want to get a full essay, order of date it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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